How To Find Remote Jobs In Canada?

Finding a remote job is hard but not impossible. I have been working completely remote for more than an year now and it has been great! There were some struggles though which I would like to share here as well.

Get your resume remote ready!
You would need to optimize your resume if you are applying for remote jobs and you can do that by making sure that there are certain things mentioned in the resume that would make the employer believe you are fit for that job.

Have you worked remote previously in any setting?
Mention that you worked remote in your resume! Even if it was part-time remote.
Employers love to see that you have worked remote already and are capable of doing tasks independently when neeeded.

Don’t have remote work experience?
In that case you would need to look at other ways to show remote work experience, and one way people often show their capabilities is if they have studied remotely previously. If you have done some courses in a remote setting then mention that!
If you have not then maybe take some remote learning courses so that you can say that you have studied remotely.

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