Where To Buy Used Washing Machine In Gatineau?

There are a ton of listings for used washing machines on classified websites like Kijiji and Facebook marketplace however a common question that people have is would the washer/dryer work and there is a risk that either it’s a scam or the product has issues.

To avoid this my recommendation is that you should buy your used appliances from a seller of electrical appliances. Now the price might be a little higher compared to what you see on Kijiji, but there are benefits of dealing with a shop.

The shops will offer a guarantee on the used appliances that they sell! Usually it’s a 90-day guarantee so if you run into any issues, you can get it fixed for free from the seller! This is a great benefit and reduces your risk.

I bought my Washer and Dryer from –
Électroménagers Gatineau 358 Rue Saint-André, Gatineau, QC J8P 4E7

Trying to negotiate the price
If you are buying a used appliance you can ask the seller to reduce the price and usually, they will do that. Not sure on how to open the conversation, try – ‘hey! I’m planning to buy the washer and dryer combo, is it possible to get a discount?’

Delivery might be FREE
A lot of used appliances sellers may offer to provide free delivery and installation! Always inquire with them on what is included with your purchase apart from the guarantee.

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  1. You can also try Facebook Groups in the Ottawa/Gatineau region if they are willing to sell their washer/dryer and you might end up seeing numerous listings by other folks trying to sell their electrical appliances.


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