How To Winterize A Car? Driving Your Car In Canadian Winters!

Winters in Canada can be quite harsh! Here are some tips that you can follow to be prepared much better for driving in winters!

[MUST] Buy Winter Tires For Your Car! – Approx $400
While you are not legally required to have winter tires on your car in certain provinces, it is highly recommended that you replace your summer/all-season tires with Winter Tires! Winter tires have better traction in snow, and you will be able to have a better control of your car while driving. Make sure to switch back to summer/all-season tires when the weather changes as the tread of winter tires gets worn fast during summers!

Even if you have an All-Wheel Drive, you are going to benefit from having Winter Tires on your car! and it is also important that you have enough tread on your tires while you are driving.

[MUST] Car Snow Brush and Ice Scraper – Approx $25
You will need the brush/scraper to get snow/ice off your car during winters. You must keep this tool with you at all times as you never know when the weather will go bad!

[MUST] Get Anti Freeze Windshield Washer Fluid – Approx $8
Instead of getting the regular windshield fluid or using plain water, you will have to get the special anti-freeze windshield washer fluid from the store. These fluids do not freeze during winters and can even work if temperatures drop to -45 C!
You are definitely going to need windshield washer fluid as the snow/rain during winters can reduce visibility through your windshield.

Jump Starter! – Approx $100
During winters, you might run into issues while trying to start your car. This is usually because the battery’s efficiency is reduced as the temperature drops and if you haven’t driven in a while you might not be able to start the engine. You can always end up calling roadside assistance however that can take a while or the other option is to have a Jump Starter and you can jump start your car whenever needed.

Winter Gloves – Approx $40
Get yourself a good pair of winter gloves. The steering wheel can be freezing when you try to get in, so you will need a pair of gloves to make yourself comfortable and be able to drive immediately. Otherwise, you will have to wait a bit till the car gets warm.

Remote Engine Starter – Approx $200
It is possible to have your car nice and warm before you even sit into it with a Remote Engine Starter!
Most new cars sold in Canada have a remote engine starter already start meaning you can start your car engine remotely at a press of a button and by the time you get in, it’s already warm. However, in case your car doesn’t have that ability already, you can install one, and it’s going to cost you about $100-200 depending on the brand/range of the product but is absolutely worth it!

Portable Electric Air Compressor – Approx $50
The electric air compressor can be quite handy to fill air in your tires. It is quite often that tires lose pressure during winters. The latest ones come with a digital gauge as well, battery powered and very easy to use!

Ice Melter and Shovel – Approx $30
In case you have to park in a parking lot without a shed, it might be handy to have ice melters and shovel with you. You can use the shovel to clear the snow and spread the ice melters on your lot to prevent you from slipping when you are getting to your car. I usually keep these two things at home!

Steering Wheel Heated Cover – Approx $40
You can apparently get a 12V steering wheel warmer that you can install on your own on your steering wheel. It can take some time for steering to get warm, so it might be ideal if you have a remote starter!

Water/Snacks and Blanket – Approx $20
It can be quite handy to have water/snacks and blanket with you. In case your car breaks down or something you can still stay warm!

Hand Warmers – Approx $10
Hand warmers can be useful if you have to head out in the outdoors during your journey. You can keep holding them in your hand, and they will provide you enough heat for hours! I usually keep them when am headed to parks or trails during winters!

Please note that this list is not comprehensive and if there’s something that you feel is really important and would like to add into this list, do let me know through comments!

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