Where To Get Cheap Renters Insurance In Ontario?

If you are looking for renters insurance, I recommend you guys to start by getting a quote from multiple insurance companies to get the best price.

Some well-known companies that you can get the quote from –

Cheapest Renters Insurance Company

To figure out which one was offering the cheapest renters insurance provider, I ended up getting a quote from multiple renters insurance companies to see which one offered the best pricing.

As a tenant myself, I was primarily focused on getting the lower rate possible and was okay if the deductible was higher but made sure that they fully covered any personal liability.

In my case I found the cheapest one to be Square One Insurance. Square One offered a high deductible though which was the main reason why my quote with them came out to be the cheapest. Also I didn’t have many personal items that needed insurance.

Cooperators also had a relatively lower priced quote compared to other renters insurance providers and their deductible was quite reasonable as well. I would recommend you guys to get a quote from Cooperators Insurance.

I recommend you guys get a quote from multiple providers before making a decision!

Renters Insurance Premium Factors

Insurance companies take into factor several things when they give you a quote.

  • Depending on what region you are going to be based
  • The value of the personal property, the amount of liability insurance required
  • If you have any history of claims with the renter’s insurance company before
  • The amount of deductible
  • The material the building is made of, and more.

If the risk determined by the insurance company for the property is higher, then you will end up with a higher quote for your rental unit.

How To Get Renters Insurance Discounts

Most insurance providers also provide discounts which can lead to additional savings.

Auto + Renters Insurance Bundle

You might be able to get significant discount on your renters insurance if you get other products/services from the same provider.

If you have auto insurance or planning to get with the same provider, they might be able to offer discount on the renters insurance. Also they might be willing to give you some more discount on your auto insurance as well.

Professional Associations

If you are working in certain companies, or have professional memberships, some renters insurance companies like TD Insurance might offer you some discount on their pricing.

Costco Membership Discount

Believe it or not but if you have Costco Membership, you might be able to get some discount on renters insurance through them.

Using insurance comparison websites

Insurance comparison websites are supposed to make getting quotes from multiple insurance providers easier and time-saving by having a single application format.

Some popular insurance comparison websites –

In my experience, I found the quotes to on the comparison website to be significantly higher when compared to direct quotes from the insurance companies.

The comparison websites can be a great starting point to know if there are any other providers for renters insurance in your area but also have the potential for higher quotes.

Spicy Korean Food In Kingston At Seoul 2 Soul!

While visiting Kingston, I decided to check this Korean Restaurant called Seoul 2 Soul. The restaurant was actually empty when I arrived and I wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of quality however I was quite surprised.

Almost everything on the menu looked new to me! So I decided to ask the server working there if she could suggest me something and based on that decided to order two dishes – Jampong and Yukgaejang.

Jampong for me turned out to be one of the best Korean dishes I have tried to far. It’s really spicy and has a variety of seafood and vegetables. Yukgaejang is a spicy beef soup with noodles, eggs, green onions and rice. Both dishes turned out to be spicy and delicious!

Seoul 2 Soul restaurant

Service times were reasonable, and food quality was impressive. By the time I was done, the restaurant was starting to get busy. If you are in Kingston and want to go to a good restaurant, this should definitely be on top of your list!

Address: 282 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L 1B5, Canada

Business website: https://www.facebook.com/seoul2soulkingston

Rating – 9/10

Delicious Tantanmen Noodles At I-Tea Ramen Kingston

Went in to grab bubble tea at I Tea in Kingston and it turns out they had ramen noodles as well! So I decided to get myself some noodles as well. I went with Tantanmen which is what they call their Dandan noodles and it consists of a spicy chicken based soup, spicy ground pork, bokchoy and bean sprout.

Dan Dan Noodles and Bubble Tea!

I also ordered a Large Signature Milk Tea with the following

  • Normal Sugar
  • Normal Ice
  • Pearl

I think their ramen noodles are spicy and delicious. If you are looking for a reasonably priced meal then definitely head down to I-Tea. Their Signature Milk Tea was alright though, I would expect a bit more since the place is supposed to be a bubble tea destination as their name suggests.

Address: 296 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L 1B5

Business website: https://itea-kingston.com/

Rating – 8.5/10