How To Get A Remote Programming Job?

More and more people want to work remotely because of the convenience, eliminating commute and also being able to work in a much more comforting environment.

I have been working fully remote for a few years now and here is my quick guide on how you can be a remote programmer too!

Be remote ready!

When you are being interviewed, Recruiters might ask you if you have ever worked remote before. If you have not worked remote before but have studied remotely in the past, do mention it. It’s important to show that you are able to study on your own as most remote jobs do require a lot of learning.

You would also need to show that you have some quite private space in your home for working and have the right setup for it. Most companies would be willing to provide you with a laptop and other accessories but sometimes companies expect you to have a laptop and other accessories already.

Here’s what your remote setup should include

  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Mic and Headphones
  • Office Table and Chair
  • Webcam

Ramp up your programming skills

Whether you are experienced or just a beginner in programming, you will need to spend some time studying! Challenge yourself to learn a new programming language. I have listed a few programming languages that are currently in demand right now –

  • Python – recommended for beginners
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React/AngularJS – recommended for frontend programmers
  • SQL – recommended for people who want to work with data

Learning programming will not only help you with interviews but will also make you more marketable! Companies these days are looking for folks who can work with a variety of programming languages and not just one!

Here are some well known websites for studying programming –

  • Coursera – cheap courses (subscription based) – degrees can be pricier
  • Edx – cheap courses (except bachelors/masters degrees)
  • Udemy – Free/cheap courses
  • Udacity – somewhat expensive but quality courses
  • YouTube – Yes they have programming courses!

Familiarity with tools like Slack/Zoom, can be beneficial as well.

Familiarize yourself with cloud technologies

While programming is important, these days a lot of companies will ask you if you have worked with cloud technologies. The three most popular cloud companies are –

While companies usually don’t require you to have certifications, it is good to have a basic understanding of how storage and compute works on the cloud.

Specialize in something

Once you have learned a programming language, take on some interesting personal projects. If you can’t think of any projects, there are actually courses out there can help you specialize in front-end or back-end technologies.

Here are the most popular tracks that you can work in

  • Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Mobile Development
  • Game Development
  • Database Design and Development
  • Software Testing

Put yourself on GitHub!

For any personal/open source project that you work on, put your code on Github! If you are not familiar with Github, it is a portal which developers usually use to share code as well as revision control.

You can then share the repository link when you submit your resume or during interviews which will allow the interviewer to assess your coding abilities.

Practice coding problems

Most of the companies are not going to give you a job straight after a single interview! They are going to ask you to do a coding test usually around problem solving.

I recommend you to practice problems on the following websites –

Optimize your resume!

Make sure that your resume is up-to-date and lists whatever programming experience you have! I usually recommend people to fit everything within a single page of resume! It’s going to list whatever courses you have done even if they were not at a workplace! There is a huge shortage of skilled programmers and companies will be willing to consider you even if your experience is limited!

For Canadian Jobs, here are some tips for optimizing resume.

Apply for jobs

If you are not even getting rejected for jobs, that means you are not applying enough! If you are early in your career, it can take a few hundred applications before you might even get a request for interview!

Start applying remote jobs on Indeed and Linkedin.

I also recommend you to apply for listings on Greenhouse and Lever if you are targeting small/medium sized companies. To be able to search for job listings you can searching the following on google –

  • remote software engineer
  • remote software engineer

Companies hiring remote workers

Here are a select number of companies that are hiring remote workers –

Learn from your mistakes

If you get rejected for a job following an interview, try to determine what went wrong and how you can improve on it. One of the ways I actually improved was by writing down questions that were asked by interviewers and writing down the answers and improve upon them for the following interviews.

Good luck with your remote programming job search!

7 US Companies Hiring Canadians To Work Remotely In Canada!

Plenty of Canadians prefer to work with a US company because a lot of times they pay more than Canadian companies. The pay gap is even higher if you end up working for a SF headquartered firm as they have very generous stock benefits.

Here are some US companies that hire Canadians and let them work remotely from Canada!

Juniper Square provides a partnership enablement platform to investment firms. Using the company’s platform, it is possible for deal/fund managers, limited partners, real estate, private equity, and venture capital firms to collaborate with each other easily.

Juniper Square

Remote roles in Canada at Juniper Square –

  • Enterprise Key Account Manager (Business Development)
  • Outbound Sales Development Rep
  • Inbound Sales Development Rep
  • Fund Accountant
  • Fund Accounting Manager
  • Process and Controls Director
  • Financial Modeling Manager
  • Staff Software Engineer
  • Staff Data Engineer
  • Database Reliability Engineer
  • Engineering Manager

Juniper Square website –

Zynga is a video game developer that primarily focuses on web/mobile based games on popular social media networks like Facebook. Some of the most popular games by Zynga include FarmVille and Zynga Poker. The company has been certified as a Great Place To Work in Canada.


Remote roles at Zynga –

  • Engineering Manager – Machine Learning
  • Principal Software Engineer – Machine Learning
  • Senior Application Security Architect
  • Director of Product Analytics
  • Product Manager

Zynga company website –

Fluxon is a product development company and helps other companies with building from start to finish from the prototyping to having a commercial product. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco.


Remote jobs at Fluxon –

  • Design Lead
  • Senior Product Designer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineering Lead
  • Product Manager Lead
  • Senior Product Manager

Fluxon company website –

NightFall is a cyber-security company that is focused towards data leak prevention using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The company caters primarily to the Digital Health, FinTech, and Cloud industries.


Remote roles at NightFall AI –

  • Assistant Controller
  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Director of Sales Enablement
  • Commercial Account Executive
  • Director of Revenue Operations
  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Senior Solutions Architect
  • Customer Marketing Manager
  • Director of Brand Marketing
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Small Medium Business Account Executive

NightFall company website –

SpotHero allows drivers to compare parking prices and reserve parking spaces anywhere. The company has its services available in both Canada and the US.


Remote jobs at SpotHero –

  • Internal Operations Specialist
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Principal Engineer
  • Staff Engineer (Back-end)
  • Staff Data Engineer
  • Chief Technology Officer

SpotHero website –

ChargePoint is working on building an electric vehicle charging network and offering the best EV charging experience to customers. The company has previously been named as Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company.


Remote jobs at ChargePoint –

  • Senior Product Manager (Fleet Home and Mobility Solutions)
  • Utility Partnerships Manager (Public Policy)
  • AC Site Engineer

ChargePoint company website –

Insightly provides a scalable CRM solution that can help companies with their marketing, sales, services, and projects as well. Using the platform, company’s can grow their business faster and generate meaningful insights.


Remote jobs at Insightly –

  • Senior Sales Engineer
  • Sales Operations Associate
  • Sales Enablement Specialist
  • Engineering Manager

Insightly website –

10 Companies Hiring Remote Workers in the USA!

Are you looking for remote jobs in the US? Here are some companies that offer 100% remote jobs meaning you won’t have to go to the office anymore!

Mission Lane is a fintech company that provides credit cards that can help people build credit over time. The service can be used by customers who are looking to rebuild their credit. One of the differentiating factors for the Mission Lane credit card is that there is no security deposit required for the card unlike most other credit card companies. The company is certified as a Great Place to Work!

Mission Lane

Remote roles at Mission Lane –

  • Compliance Advisor
  • Product Design Manager
  • Learning Experience Designer
  • Fraud Investigations Lead (Customer Operations)
  • Product Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Ops Engineer
  • Data Stewardship Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Mobile Engineer (Frontend)
  • Backend Software Engineer
  • Frontend Software Engineer

Mission Lane Business website –

CollegeBoard is responsible for the development and administration of the SAT and other college tests that are conducted for admission into American universities.


Remote jobs at College Board –

  • Associate Director (K-12)
  • Content Project Manager – Director
  • Director (Higher Ed Project Management)
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Director (Test Development)
  • Director of Information Security Governance
  • Senior Designer
  • Lead UI Engineer
  • Director of Test Administration
  • Director of Growth Marketing
  • Product Owner (Test Assembly and Content Packaging)
  • Senior Architect
  • Principal Engineer
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Strategy Leadership Program
  • Content Engineer
  • Head of CyberSecurity
  • Program Manager
  • Market Insights Director
  • Psychometrician
  • Director (Advanced Placements)

CollegeBoard website –

Articulate has a platform that employers can use to create an onboarding/training process for their employees. The company also has an additional platform for employers to create content for workplace learning.


The company provides a large number of benefits to its employees including tuition reimbursement, abortion travel assistance, service sabbatical, transgender benefit, student debt repayment and more.

Remote jobs at Articulate –

  • Enterprise Account Executive (Sales)
  • Strategic Account Manager (Sales)
  • Product Designer
  • Platform Engineer
  • Senior Platform Engineer
  • Commercial Counsel (Legal)

Articulate company website –

Obama Foundation is focused on providing a variety of programs like leadership development, global fellowship, and also manages the Obama Presidential Center which comprises of museum/library and more. The non-profit org was founded by US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Obama Foundation

Remote jobs at Obama Foundation –

  • Product Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer (Full-stack)

Obama Foundation website –

CrunchyRoll is an anime streaming service provider. You can use the service to watch some of the most popular anime shows/films like Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, Naruto, One Piece and more!


Remote opportunities at CrunchyRoll –

  • Video Engineer
  • Software Engineer

Verifone is a provider of eCommerce and advanced payment solutions for retail brands, merchants and financial companies. Using the company’s solutions, businesses can accept payments not only from credit/debit cards but also from other payment services like PayPal and even cryptocurrencies.


Remote jobs at Verifone –

  • Materials Supervisor
  • Vice President (Global Technical Help Center)
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Account Manager

Remote jobs at Verifone –

Presence is a platform that schools/agencies/ can use to provide speech-language therapy, psycho-educational evaluation, mental health counseling and occupational therapy to those who need it the most.

Presence Learning

Remote jobs at Presence –

  • Customer Success Associate
  • Product Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Enterprise Systems Director
  • Account Executive
  • Billing Rep
  • Staff Accountant
  • Data Analyst
  • Employer Branding Director

Presence Learning website –

OpenAI is an AI company that has become quite popular recently due to ChatGPT Chatbot which is one of their products. The company is also working on some other solutions like DALL-E which are able to generate images using description by the user.


Remote jobs at OpenAI –

  • Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Recruiting Manager

OpenAI website –

BrightCove is a video livestream platform. The company has a number of products and solutions catering to different industries whether its media/broadcasting or healthcare.


Remote jobs at BrightCove –

  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Program Manager (Revenue Operations)
  • Multi-CDN Streaming (Director)
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Senior Technical Program Manager

Brightcove website –

Check is working to provide payroll infrastructure platform for companies. Using Check’s platform, companies can do everything payroll related whether it’s calculating the taxes, transferring money or file taxes.


Remote roles at Check –

  • Analytics Engineer
  • Software Engineer (Infrastructure)
  • Software Engineer (Payments)
  • Commercial Counsel (Legal)
  • Product Design Lead
  • Product Manager
  • Partner Growth Manager (Revenue)

Check website –

7 Companies Hiring Remote Workers In Indonesia!

Looking to work remotely from Bali? Want to be a Digital Nomad and travel around Indonesia while you work? Here are some companies that are looking to hire remote workers in Indonesia.

Accelbyte provides solutions for game development companies to be able to build scalable multiplayer games. The company provides services like player matching, cross platform connectivity, game monetization, communities, player engagement, storage services, and more.


Remote jobs in Indonesia at AccelByte –

  • Human Resources Manager
  • HR Business Partner
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Senior Application Security Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Junior IT Support
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Front-end Web Developer
  • Front-end Engineer (JavaScript)
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

AccelByte website –

The Infatuation
The Infatuation is a website that provides information on the best restaurants to eat at around the world. The company is seeking people in Bali who are able to work remotely and write about the best restaurants/hotels in the region.

The Infatuation

Remote jobs at The Infatuation (Zagat) –

  • Travel Guide Writers

The Infatuation website –

Sayurbox is an online grocery platform where customers can buy groceries and get them delivered. The company even offers 1 hour delivery for products in the country. Remote roles at this company are primarily in the technology department (data and engineering)


Remote jobs at Sayurbox –

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist Manager
  • Fullstack Software Engineer
  • Backend Software Engineer
  • Frontend Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Lead Software Engineer

Sayurbox website –

Portcast is a solutions platform for supply chain and logistics companies to help them track and predict container arrival times. The company also provides other solutions like worldwide port congestion tracking, terminal visibility and cargo demand forecasting.


Remote jobs at Portcast –

  • Region Sales Manager
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Full-stack Engineer

Portcast website –

Impact is a dedicated marketing platform where brands can seek different types of partnerships to promote their brand. The platform also allows you to automate certain parts of the process and optimize your return on investment. Benefits at this company include 6 months of paid paternity leave!

Remote jobs at Impact –

  • Customer Success Manager

Impact website –

Mathpresso is a tech company that provides educational solutions. Their most popular product is QANDA which is an AI-based educational platform. The company has received large investments from Google/SoftBank/Samsung/Legend/KDB/etc.


Remote jobs at MathPresso/QANDA –

  • Ad Sales Rep
  • Image Editor
  • Research Analyst
  • Math Problem Image Inspection Worker

MathPresso website –

Coda Payments
Coda Payments is a monetization platform for game developers and publishers. Using the company’s platform you can monetize not just mobile games but also music, videos and live streams.

Coda Payments

Remote jobs at Coda Payments –

  • Product Designer
  • Analytics Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Full-stack Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Back-end Engineer
  • Customer Support Specialist (Hybrid)
  • Accounting (Hybrid)
  • Payroll (Hybrid)
  • People Operations Specialist (Hybrid)

Coda Payments website –

10 Companies That Will Let You Work Remotely From Anywhere!

Here is a list of global remote companies that are able to hire you from almost anywhere in the world! Even though the companies are flexible with whatever location you are based in, they might require you to be working in certain time-zones to meet the business needs.

Xapo Bank
Xapo is a fin-tech company that provides private banking solutions. Clients with the bank are able to open their accounts in USD or have a crypto wallet with the company as well. There is also an option to have their no foreign/withdrawal fees bank card that can be used globally.

Xapo Bank

Global remote jobs at Xapo Bank –

  • People Team Administrator
  • Head of PR
  • Data Analyst
  • Product Owner
  • Growth Researcher
  • Senior Backend Engineer
  • Senior iOS Developer

Xapo Bank website –

Ergeon is a service that you can use to get quotes from multiple fence/artificial grass installation/repair contractors in your area. The company also provides tools to the customers to calculate the price of their fence installations.


Remote jobs at Ergeon –

  • Sales Representatives
  • Software Developer

Ergeon company website –

Ilia is a digital services provider and provides cloud migration, website development/system integrations, product management and business transformation solutions. Most of the roles at ília are remote however the company has certain opportunities in Brazil.


Worldwide remote jobs at Ilia –

  • Project Coordinator
  • Marketing Cloud Analyst (SalesForce)
  • Data Analyst
  • Functional Analyst (SalesForce)
  • Java Developer
  • QA Automation Engineer
  • Flutter Developer
  • Agile Master
  • Back-end Developer
  • .NET Architect
  • NodeJS Developer

Ilia company website –

Assembly provides customized app/web development/modernization/monitoring, asset management, cloud migration/infrastructure/compliance/governance, devops and content management solutions.

Assembly HQ

Remote work from home jobs at AssemblyHQ –

  • Technical Business Systems Analyst
  • Software Engineer (Front-end)
  • Software Engineer (Full-stack)

Assembly website –

Sourcegraph is a smart coding platform that makes it easier for developers to search for code within their organization and debug issues. The company’s products are used by many major tech companies including Indeed, Canva, Dropbox, Qualtrics, RedFin, Uber, Reddit and more! Major investors in the company include Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia.


Work from anywhere Remote jobs at SourceGraph –

  • Senior People Partner
  • Technical Advisor (Customer Success)
  • Enterprise Technical Advisor
  • Support Engineer
  • Product Designer (Growth)
  • Program Manager (Technical)
  • Software Engineer
  • Regional Director (Customer Engineering)
  • Head of Engineering

SourceGraph website –

Supabase is an open-source competitor to Google’s Firebase, which is an app development platform to build apps/games. The company has received major investments from Felicis Ventures, Coatue, and Lightspeed.


Remote jobs at Supabase –

  • Support Engineers
  • Success Engineers
  • PostgreSQL Core Contributor

Supabse website –

Timescale is a database service provider; using Timescale’s solution, companies can have a fast and scalable PostgreSQL database for a fraction of the cost. US employees are eligible for additional benefits like 401K.


Worldwide remote jobs at Timescale –

  • Payroll Manager
  • Database Support Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Software Developer in Test
  • Software Engineer – Back-end
  • Software Engineer – Database

TimeScale website –

Smartcat makes it easy to provide content delivery in multiple languages with it’s collaborative AI/Human based translation platform. Businesses can translate files, websites, videos, and other content using Smartcat’s platform.


Work from anywhere remote jobs at Smartcat –

  • Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Supplier Support Specialist
  • Strategic Account Executive
  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Head of Sales
  • Program Manager (Marketplace)
  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Back-end Engineer
  • Head of DevOps
  • Head of Account Management
  • Product Analyst

Smartcat website –

Vio makes it easier to search for hotel deals. The company is able to source the best rate from multiple aggregators including Expedia, Booking, Hotels and Agoda.


Remote roles at Vio (FindHotel) –

  • Cyber-security Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Senior Go Engineer
  • Machine Learning Platform Engineer
  • Data Scientist

Vio website –

Public is an investment platform which allows you to buy fractional stocks/etfs/crypto assets. The company has multiple major celebrity investors including Tony Hawk, Will Smith, The Chainsmokers, Justin James Watt and more.

Global Remote jobs at Public –

  • Backend Engineer
  • Android Engineer

Public company website –

19 Companies Hiring Remote Workers In Colombia!

A compilation of companies that are hiring remote workers in Colombia. Most companies will allow you to work from home anywhere within Colombia, however a few might have regional restrictions due to the nature of their business.

While a lot of the jobs on the list are English speaking remote jobs, you might be required to have Spanish speaking skills as well due to the needs of the business. Being bilingual in both languages can increase your likelihood of getting hired.

Proper is hiring Accounting Specialists!
Proper provides small businesses with scalable property accounting solutions. The company is hiring remote workers in Colombia to support their accounting operations. Proper is a San Francisco-based startup and intermediate knowledge of English is required for the roles.

Proper logo

Remote jobs at Proper –

  • Accounting Lead
  • Accounts Payable Specialists
  • General Accountants
  • Senior Accountants

Proper AI website –

Slang is hiring English teachers!
Slang is an education platform that offers English courses and proficiency tests. Slang professionals work with individuals at different organizations to help them improve their English proficiency. Some of the roles at Slang might be hybrid due to the nature of work.

Slang App

Remote/hybrid roles at Slang –

  • English Teachers
  • Business Development Representative
  • Content Writers
  • Paid Media Analyst
  • Lead Generation Analyst
  • Quality Assurance

Slang App website –

Automation Hero is hiring Sales people!
Automation Hero provides AI powered document processing platform. Using their platform, customers can utilize their data and build AI models to predict future outcomes. The remote roles involve generating more leads for the company.

Automation Hero

Remote jobs at Automation Hero –

  • Sales Development Representatives
  • Sales Development Manager
  • Revenue Operations (Marketing)

Automation Hero website –

Rackspace is hiring Customer Success Managers!
Rackspace is a large cloud solutions provider. Apart from cloud solutions, the company also provides managed hosting, cyber-security, data and application based solutions as well. For customer success roles, it would be beneficial to have prior sales experience!

Rackspace Technology

Remote roles at Rackspace –

  • Customer Success Managers
  • AWS Cloud Engineer

Rackspace website –

Bold Business is hiring Customer Service Reps!
Bold Business is an outsourcing solutions provider. The company helps support businesses by providing them with a variety of services whether its marketing, recruitment, data management, customer service, business development and more.

Bold Business

Remote jobs in Colombia at Bold Business –

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Marketing Development Associates
  • Sales Associates
  • Network Operations Engineer
  • Juniper Network Engineer

Bold Business website –

Achievers is hiring Engineers!
Achievers Inc. is building a platform so that companies can engage with their employees in a better way and increase employee retention rates. The company’s solutions are used by many large companies including General Motors, Panasonic, CVS, Ericsson, Samsung and more. The company has a number of frontend/backend remote roles available.


Remote roles at Achievers –

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Front-end Engineer (UI)
  • iOS Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

Achievers website –

Caseware is hiring Software Developers!
Caseware offers intelligent auditing, financial and analytics solutions to companies and government organizations. Bachelors in Computer Science is mentioned as one of the requirements for software development roles at this company. The company also requires background checks for all candidates.


Remote jobs at Caseware –

  • Project Manager
  • Java Developer
  • C++ Software Developer
  • JavaScript Software Developer
  • Software Developer (Cloud)

Caseware website –

Hinge Health is hiring Scriptwriters and Designers!
Hinge Health is a virtual clinic that specifically focuses towards back and joint pain. With Hinge Health, companies can offer better pain management solutions to their employees. The company claims to have helped employees with pain reduction, depression reduction, anxiety reduction and even surgical avoidance across multiple industries!

Hinge Health

Remote opportunities at Hinge Health –

  • Design Program Manager
  • Video Scriptwriter
  • Visual Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Mobile Design Systems Engineer
  • React Native Engineer
  • Full-stack Software Engineer

Hinge Heath website –

CI&T is hiring DevOps Engineers!
CI&T provides a variety of digital strategy, design and engineering solutions to its clients. The company has won multiple awards not just in Latin America but in Europe and North America as well.


Remote roles at CI&T –

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Developer (.NET)
  • Front-end Developer (React.js)

CI&T website –

OfferUp is hiring Operation Engineers!
OfferUp is an online marketplace that makes it easy for people to buy and sell locally using their mobile devices. The company is trying to be an alternative to other classified or marketplace websites but not only just offers listings of items but also to make purchases through the platform as well.


Offerup remote jobs! –

  • NOC Engineer
  • Principal Data Scientist

Offerup website –

GoDaddy is hiring Software Engineers!
Godaddy is popularly known as the website where people register their web domains or get web hosting services from. The company has been around for a very long time and was a featured sponsor for Danica Patrick’s car during her time at NASCAR.


Colombian remote jobs at GoDaddy –

  • Senior Software Engineer

GoDaddy website –

GlossGenius is hiring Software Development Engineers!
GlossGenius is a niche software solutions provider for salon and spa businesses. The company makes it easier for businesses to do scheduling, client booking, processing payments, generating reports as well as doing inventory management.


Remote opportunities at GlossGenius –

  • Software Engineer (Web)
  • Software Engineer (Back-end)
  • Software Engineer (React)
  • Staff Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer (Mobile)
  • Engineering Manager

GlossGenius website –

CreateMe is hiring Designers!
Createme offers clothing customization and automation solutions to companies. The company has been able to partner with well-known brands including Samsung, Topman, Vans, Warner Brothers, RayBan, Oreo and more!


Remote jobs at Createme –

  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Recruiter
  • Illustrator / Designer
  • Visual Designer

Createme website –

Planet Labs needs sales people!
Planet provides automated and scalable planet monitoring and global intelligence solutions.The company caters to a wide variety of industries from agriculture to defense. The company provides comprehensive benefits including flexible time off, onsite massage, parental leave, tuition reimbursement and more!


Remote jobs at Planet –

  • Sales Engineer
  • Customer Success Manager

Planet website –

MediaMath is hiring Media Trading Specialists!
MediaMath provides a demand-side advertising platform to advertisers. Using the advertising platform clients can manage their campaigns, media, creative, and do a bunch of other things like reporting and targeting as well.

Remote roles at MediaMath –

  • Trading Specialist (Advertising)

MediaMath website –

Firework is hiring Advertising Specialists!
Firework allows businesses to bring a live stream shopping experience to their customers and potentially help them increase customer engagement as well as sales. The company is very well funded and major investors include SoftBank. The company has openings in other Latin American countries as well, so if you decide to switch between LATAM countries, Firework might be flexible.


Remote jobs at Firework –

  • Advertising Operations Specialist
  • Web Integration Engineer
  • Back-end Software Engineer
  • Front-end Software Engineer
  • Data Infrastructure Engineer
  • Back-end Architect

Firework company website –

Stocktwits seeks Software Engineers!
Stocktwits is a social network geared towards traders and investors. Using the company’s networking platform you can connect with other traders/investors and learn/profit from them.


Remote jobs at Stocktwits –

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Back-end Engineer

Stocktwits website –

LogixBoard is hiring remote Back-end Engineers!
LogixBoard is a logistics software provider. Using Logixboard’s solution, companies can have better visibility on their freight and manage documents/communications as well. The company provides above market rate salaries for its employees in Colombia.


Remote roles at LogixBoard –

  • Senior Backend Engineer

LogixBoard website –

Axon is seeking Account Executives!
Axon is a security product provider for defense and law enforcement agencies. The company also provides emergency medical and fire response solutions as well. For the account executive role, you are required to be bilingual in Spanish/English and travel might be required as well.


Remote jobs at Axon –

  • Account Executive (Law Enforcement Sales)

Axon website –

HugeInc is hiring recruiters!
Huge Inc is a digital marketing and advertising agency. The company is a subsidiary of Interpublic Group of Companies. Since it’s a marketing company, it would be beneficial to have experience in user experience and design for remote roles at this company.


Remote jobs at HugeInc –

  • Talent (Recruitment)
  • Recruiter
  • Software Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Technology Director
  • Visual Design Lead
  • UX Designer
  • UX Design Lead

HugeInc website –

7 Remote Jobs Companies In the US/Canada That You Can Work For!

Here are some companies that are able to hire employees in the US as well as Canada. While the majority of remote jobs appear to be tech oriented, there are a limited number of jobs in sales, legal, finance, recruitment and marketing as well.

Affinity is an intelligence platform focused towards private equity, venture capital, investment banking, family offices, commercial real estate and consulting businesses. Affinity’s software allows the users to find prospective buyers in their industry, and then be able to track the deal flow as well. The company has recently been rated as Inc Best Workplaces, Great Place to Work as well as Best Workplaces in the Bay Area (Fortune).


Remote roles at Affinity –

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Field Marketing Manager
  • Customer Onboarding and Implementation Director
  • Sales Ops Analyst
  • Legal Counsel
  • Finance Manager
  • Product Designer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Software Engineer in Test
  • Senior Fullstack Engineer

Affinity company website –

PagerDuty provides incident management and response solutions so that companies can monitor and support their critical business solutions. The company provides very competitive benefits, apart from stocks and health insurance, it also provides very generous parental leave, paid holidays and mental wellness programs.


Remote roles at Pager Duty –

  • Global Mobility and Immigration Partner
  • Account Executive
  • Enterprise Account Manager
  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Corporate Communications – Vice President
  • Marketing and Brand – Vice President
  • Engineering Manager (Automation/Ingestion)
  • Security Director
  • Frontend Software Architect
  • Backend Software Engineer
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Software Engineer (Platform)
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Software Development Internships

PagerDuty business website –

WrapBook’s provides production/entertainment companies with a solution that simplifies the company’s onboarding process for employees, contractors and suppliers. The company also provides payroll, insurance, and production management solutions as well.


Remote jobs at WrapBook –

  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Sales Enablement Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Payroll Operations Specialist
  • Payroll Tax Specialist
  • Product Designer
  • Product Manager (Privacy)
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Director of Design & Research
  • Engineering Manager
  • Platform Systems Engineer
  • Staff Software Engineer

WrapBook careers website –

KeyData is a cybersecurity services provider that helps businesses and government organizations with their cybersecurity strategy. The company’s primary focus is identity access management but also provides other security services that complement its main offering.


KeyData remote jobs –

  • Region Sales Manager
  • CyberArk Architect
  • Cybersecurity Manager
  • IAM Architect
  • IAM Principal Consultant

KeyData company portal –

Abnormal Security
Abnormal is a cybersecurity company that provides email security products. Using the company’s products, companies can block attacks, filter unwanted emails, identify security risks, and automate security measures.


Remote jobs at Abnormal Security –

  • Corporate Counsel (Legal)
  • Communications Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Sales Ops
  • Channel Account Manager
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Program Manager (Talent)
  • Backend Engineer
  • ML Infrastructure Engineer
  • Software Engineer (Application Security)

Abnormal Security jobs website –

Coefficient is a spreadsheet workflow automation service that allows users to connect to multiple data sources and be able to share or export them. For some of the roles, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere, however the you must be working half of your day within US work hours.


Remote jobs at Coefficient –

  • Content Marketer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Account Executive
  • Data Analyst
  • Senior Backend Engineer
  • Senior Frontend Engineer

Coefficient company website –

Bench is an accounting and tax solutions provider. The company makes it easier for small businesses to do their accounting and tax filing. The company is very transparent in terms of what salary you can get for their roles. Benefits at the company include paid time off, stocks and full private health insurance.


Remote roles at Bench –

  • Inbound Sales Team Lead
  • Operations Team Lead (Tax)
  • Tax Advisor
  • Legal Counsel (Corporate)
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Marketing – Vice President
  • Product Manager (API/Partnership)
  • Product Designer

Bench company website –

9 Remote Companies In Spain! Work Anywhere In Spain!

List of companies that are hiring remote workers in Spain. Most of the companies on the list would be willing to hire you as an employee, however, some of the roles might be contractor time-based roles.

Sysdig provides cloud security and monitoring solutions. Sysdig solutions are compatible with the largest cloud providers in the world including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud and Kubernetes. All employees get wellness reimbursements every month.


Remote jobs at Sysdig –

  • Technical Marketing Manager
  • Corporate Account Executive
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Security Operations Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Automation Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Serverless Software Engineer
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Intern

SysDig business portal –

Aetion provides solutions in the medical industry to optimize research and development, and deliver medical solutions to patients faster and more effectively. The company does provide stocks and private health insurance to all its employees. The company has its EU headquarters in Barcelona.


Remote opportunities at Aetion –

  • Fullstack Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer, Data
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Associate Director (Science) – Hybrid role

Incode provides an onboarding platform that can be applied to different industries. The company is trying to reduce chargebacks by introducing biometric verification, providing marketing insights, touchless payments and identity verification solutions.


Remote jobs at Incode –

  • Data Labeling (Operations)
  • Enterprise Customer Success Manager
  • Solutions Engineer

Incode Business website –

Grafana Labs
Grafana Labs provides analytics dashboarding solutions for all types of data sources. The solutions are primarily used by developers to monitor their databases, system health, and general visualizations. The company’s products are used by large companies including PayPal, eBay, Verizon, Salesforce, and more!

Grafana Labs

Remote jobs at Grafana Labs –

  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Senior Sales Operations Manager
  • Golang Engineer
  • UX Researcher
  • Director of Developer Advocacy
  • Python Backend Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Software Engineer (Security)
  • Internships

Grafana Labs website –

Too Good To Go
Too Good To Go is trying to reduce food waste by connecting consumers with businesses that have unsold food items that are about to expire. Businesses get to increase their profits by reducing their waste and consumers get to benefit by being able to buy the food at a reduced price. Some roles at the company might be hybrid due to the nature of the business involved.

Too Good To Go

Remote roles at Too Good To Go –

  • Customer Care Specialist
  • Internal Communications Manager (Marketing)
  • Social Media Intern
  • Trade Marketing Specialist
  • Head of Marketing Effectiveness
  • Head of Creative Marketing Production
  • DevOps Engineer

Too Good To Go website –

Chartboost provides an ad platform so that app publishers can monetize their apps better and companies can reach an engaging audience. The company is used by a number of big app developers like Zynga, Playrix, Wish and more.

  • Platform Operations Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Apple iOS Engineer
  • Software Engineer (Platform)

Chartboost website –

CopperLeaf Technologies
Copperleaf provides Decision Analytics Solutions to businesses so that they are able to reduce their risk and increase investments. The company wants to enable its clients to build sustainable infrastructure. It would be beneficial to have experience in asset management for this company.


Types of remote roles at CopperLeaf –

  • Principal Consultant
  • Software Developer

CopperLeaf website –

Nimble Giant Entertainment
Nimble Giant is a video game development company. The company focuses on development of shooter and strategy gaming titles. Game Titles for Nimble Giant include – Quantum League, Hellbound, Drone Strike Force, Champions of Regnum, Master of Orion.

Nimble Giant

Remote roles at Nimble Giant –

  • Technical Animator
  • Sound Engineer
  • Game Programmer
  • Strategy Content Designer
  • Level Designer (Strategy/AAA)
  • UI Artist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Virtual Reality Artist
  • Concept Artist (Strategy)
  • Art Director

Nimble Giant website –

Joor is an order management solution for retailers and brands. The company allows businesses to make transactions globally, create virtual experiences to increase sales, and provide analytics solutions as well as make informed business decisions. Remote opportunities at this company appear to be all technical.


Remote technical roles at JOOR –

  • Frontend Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Backend Software Engineer
  • Apple iOS Engineer

Joor business URL –

13 Companies In Nigeria That Let You Work From Home!

Here are some companies in Nigeria that offer work from home opportunities! While a lot of roles require fluency in English, it would be advantageous to know local language or another European language for some of the roles. Non-technical roles are listed as well!

Chipper Cash offers you cross border money transfers with lower exchange rates than what the bank offers. The company’s products are available in several African countries as well as the United Kingdom and the United States. Aside from money transfers, users also have the option to invest their money and merchants can utilize the checkout capabilities that Chipper offers.

Chipper Cash

International Remote Jobs in Nigeria –

  • Compliance Engineer
  • Controls and Testing Manager (Finance)
  • Program Manager – Transaction Monitoring (Finance)
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Risk Data Analyst
  • Director of Revenue Strategy

Chipper Cash website –

Aleph is a large digital media company that provides solutions to advertisers and publishers. The company offers a number of solutions – cross-border payment solutions, educational programs, targeted advertising technology, and more.

Aleph Holdings

Remote roles at Aleph –

  • Regional Marketing Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • Senior Client Partner (Sales)
  • SMB Account Manager

Aleph Holding website –

TeamApt is a Lagos-based fintech company that provides a payment platform for businesses to accept payments. The company claims to have billions of dollars in transactions every year.


Remote roles at TeamApt –

  • Technical Recruiter
  • HR Business Partner
  • Storyteller (Communications)
  • Brand Manager, Marketing (Payments)
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Application Monitoring Engineer
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Technical Product Specialist
  • Software Engineering Leader
  • Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Senior Backend Engineer
  • Data Engineer

TeamApt website –

GitLab is a DevOps platform and has more recently become one of the largest remote companies in the world. It might be beneficial to have knowledge in French or German for some of the roles.


Fully remote roles at GitLab –

  • Support Readiness Specialist
  • Business Development Representative
  • Sales Development Rep
  • Paralegal (Employment)
  • Integrations Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Sales Strategy Manager
  • Professional Services Practice Manager
  • Data Engineer
  • Fullstack Engineer (Growth)
  • Backend Engineer (Database)
  • Backend Engineer (Query Performance)
  • Backend Engineer (Enablement)

GitLab company website –

Prospa is a Fintech company that is focused on providing businesses with the necessary tools to have access to finance, receive payments and sell their products. The company provides corporate credit cards, loans, point of sale payment solutions, webstore, and invoice options. The business is fully licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.


Types of remote roles at Prospa –

  • Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Product Marketing Associate
  • Head of Marketing
  • Associate Product Manager
  • Head of Lending Product
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Business Operations Associate
  • Engineering Manager
  • Software Developer/Architect
  • Mobile Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer

Prospa website –

Give Directly
Give Directly allows donations to be handed out directly to people in need. The organization has multiple programs that support refugees, people living in extreme poverty, affected by war or natural disasters.

Give Directly

Remote roles at Give Directly –

  • Executive Director (Compliance)
  • Regional Director (Program Operations)
  • Vice President (Business Development)
  • Country Director (Program Operations)

Give Directly company URL –

Smile Identity
Smile Identity provides cybersecurity solutions to businesses to help them prevent fraud, automate compliance, make onboarding process secure, verify documents, and users with ease. The company has a number of big clients using their solutions – Chipper, Paga, Paystack, Twigga, OPay and Kuda! Even though the opportunities are remote, you might have opportunities for travel while working at the company.

Smile Identity

Remote roles at Smile Identity –

  • Director (Marketing)
  • People and Culture Operations Manager
  • Data Engineer

Smile Identity Business website –

Okra is a fintech company that is trying to build tools for businesses to be able to provide them with on-demand or real-time information and tools to speed up the financial decision making process, reduce fraud and process payments.


Remote jobs in Nigeria at Okra –

  • Product Marketer
  • Product Designer
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Head of Engineering

Okra Nigeria website –

The Room
The Room is a service company that allows businesses to recruit highly skilled people from around the world on demand. Whether they want people from STEM backgrounds or non-STEM backgrounds, The Room is there to serve their needs. For some of the roles at the Room, there is flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Remote roles at The Room –

The Room
  • Talent Acquisition Partner
  • Expansion Lead (Management Consulting)
  • Legal and Compliance Analyst
  • Global Business Development Expert
  • Business Intelligence Engineer
  • AWS Cloud Engineer
  • Analytics Engineer
  • Principal Data Engineer
  • Principal Data Analyst

The Room company website –

Streamyard provides a way for streamers to perform live streams on multiple platforms – Facebook/Linkedin/YouTube/Twitter through the browser. The company also provides tools to increase engagement among the viewers.

Stream Yard

Remote roles at StreamYard –

  • Copywriter
  • Senior Software Engineer

StreamYard website –

Atlas HXM
Atlas HXM is an international payroll company. Atlas HXM makes it possible for employers to hire talent globally. The company is well funded and has received investments of hundreds of millions of dollars till date. You have the option of working remotely or working from their office as well.


Remote opportunities at Atlas HXM –

  • Sales Admin Support
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Sales Manager (Small and Medium sized business)
  • Software Engineer

Atlas HXM website –

Founders Factory
Founders Factory helps small startups accelerate their business growth and capabilities by providing appropriate funding and other necessary support. The company also focusses on funding products/services that try to solve problems around climate change.

Founders Factory

Remote roles at Founders Factory –

  • Mobile Developer
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Tech Lead
  • Co-Founders
  • Chief Operating/Financial Officer

Founders Factory web URL –

Kupanda Group
Kupanda Capital is an investment company and also helps those companies to scale advising them on different aspects of the business like sales, compliance, finance, recruitment and more. The company has a very diverse portfolio as it invests in energy financing, record production, and custom geo data. The focus of the company appears to be mainly looking for business opportunities in the African region.

Kupanda Capital

Remote jobs in Nigeria at Kupanda Group –

  • Program Manager
  • Investment Officer
  • Operations Intern
  • Data Solutions Analyst

Kupanda Group web portal –

20 Companies Hiring Digital Nomads In Poland!

Here is a list of companies that are hiring remote talent in Poland! Most companies on the list pay higher than local wages and some allow you to work remotely in the EU as well! If you want to work from anywhere in the world, then checkout list of companies that let you work remotely from anywhere!

Vonage is a multibillion dollar telecom company which specializes in cloud based solutions. The company offers a number of products that support unified communications, contact centers and conversational commerce. Employees have the option to work remotely within Poland or at the company’s office in Wroclaw.


Remote roles at Vonage –

  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Customer Operations Analyst
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Presales Engineering
  • Operations Engineer
  • Database Admin
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Developer Advocate
  • Product Marketing Manager (Healthcare)
  • Customer Solutions Architect

Vonage Company website –

Andela is a job platform for software developers/engineers. The company offers numerous benefits including device stipends, work from home supplementary income, equity, pension contributions, and paid time off to all its employees.


Polish Remote jobs at Andela –

  • Talent Sourcer
  • Enterprise Business Development Rep (German/English)
  • Account Executive
  • Profile Editor Specialist
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Data Matching Specialist

Remote jobs at Andela –

PandaDoc is trying to digitize the process for proposals, quotes and contract management. Some of the customers for this company include AutoDesk, SGS, Konika Minolta, Tata Steel, and Rakuten. Apart from health insurance, pension plans, and paid-time off, the company also provides education and commuter benefits. The company has previously been certified as Best Workplaces and a Great Place to Work.


Remote jobs at PandaDoc –

  • Customer Support Associate
  • Customer Success Associate
  • Global Expansion Project Manager
  • Partner Development Manager
  • Global Talent Acquisition Director
  • Leadership Development Trainer
  • Product Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • Engineering Manager
  • Frontend Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Python Developer/Engineer
  • QA Engineer

PandaDoc company portal –

AirSlate provides automation and integration solutions for documents where the users can work without having any experience in coding. The company has a variety of products that enable form creation, payment processing, analytics, document editing, contract management and more. The company provides numerous benefits like performance bonus, professional development courses, English speaking classes, massage at office, and stock options. You also have the option to work from Ukraine.


Jobs at AirSlate that are remote –

  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Accountant
  • Recruiter
  • Rewards Manager (HR)
  • Marketing Editor
  • Access Management Specialist
  • PHP Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • DevOps Engineer

AirSlate company URL –

INFUSEmedia helps B2B companies with sales and marketing. The company can help with content creation, lead generation, lead verification, content syndication and more. The company might require you to work on a different timezone depending on their requirements.


Remote roles at INFUSEMedia –

  • Customer Service Associate (Multiple Positions)
  • Customer Service Representative
  • B2B Content Writer
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Junior Recruiter
  • B2B Events Coordinator
  • Technical Content Writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Support Associate
  • Market Analyst
  • PR Manager
  • Product Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Assistant

INFUSEMedia Portal –

LiveChat provides online chat solutions to small and large businesses. Using the company’s chat platform, businesses can automate part of their sales/support process and also improve sales/resolve tickets faster. The company offers other popular solutions as well like ChatBot, KnowledgeBase and HelpDesk.


Remote jobs in Poland at LiveChat –

  • Support Hero
  • Business Development Representative
  • Head of HelpDesk
  • SEO Specialist
  • Design System Lead
  • Backend Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer

LiveChat company website –

Kevin provides merchants with online payment and in-store payment solutions. Using the company’s solutions, merchants can enjoy lower transaction fees, access their payments faster, and give the option of flexible payments to customers. Company benefits include a very high salary, health insurance, and paid time off.


Remote opportunities at Kevin –

  • Market Researcher
  • Creative Service Manager
  • Project Manager (Point of Sale)
  • Head of Sales
  • Sales Representative (Danish/Lithuanian/Spanish/Swedish/Russian/Latvian)
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Product Owner
  • Cyber Security Operations Officer
  • Engineering Team Lead
  • Backend Software Engineer
  • iOS Software Engineer

Kevin company website –

Box Inc
Box is a cloud-based collaboration software provider that helps with different aspects like security, compliance, and workflow management. You have the option to work within the team or remotely. Box has numerous large clients including Morgan Stanley, the US Air Force, AstraZeneca, and Intuit.


Remote opportunities at Box –

  • Product Designer
  • Program Manager
  • Quality Assurance Lead
  • Detection Engineer
  • Android Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Mobile Engineer
  • Systems Reliability Engineer
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Platform Engineering Manager

Box Inc website –

Glovo is an online food delivery app. Using the app, you can also order groceries, convenience store items, medication (pharmacy). To be eligible for roles you might be required to have excellent Polish as well as English skills.


Remote jobs in Poland at Glovo –

Remote roles at Glovo –

  • Backend Engineer (Multiple positions)

GlovoApp company website –

ExpressVPN offers secure virtual private network services for personal and business use. The company also sells network routers that come preinstalled with express VPN technology. Certain roles at the company might require you to work in a different time zone.


Remote jobs at ExpressVPN Poland –

  • Backend Software Engineers
  • Staff Software Engineers

ExpressVPN website –

Phiture is a marketing company that is more geared towards growth in the mobile/apps industry. The company helps its clients with app store optimization, app retention, growth consultation and marketing. The company provides MacBooks to all its employees, and the option to work remotely internationally as well.


Remote work at Phiture –

  • Growth Consultant (Marketing CRM)
  • App Store Optimization Consultant

Phiture company website –

MapBox provides custom map solutions. MapBox products and solutions are used by numerous big players in the industry like Instacart, General Motors, National Geographic, Toyota, Strava, CNN, and more.

Remote jobs at MapBox –

  • Data Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior C++ Engineer

MapBox company website –

ThousandEyes is a software company that provides network intelligence solutions for companies to resolve network infrastructure performance issues. The company is a subsidiary of Cisco Systems which is one of the largest networking companies in the world.


Remote Roles at ThousandEyes –

  • Technical Content Writer
  • Data Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer

ThousandEyes company website –

Samsara is a software company that provides fleet management, fleet safety and compliance, and equipment monitoring solutions. The company has previously been rated as one of the top startups by LinkedIn and has also been rated as one of the fastest growing companies by the Financial Times. The company provides a flexible remote option to all employees, health insurance and funds for personal development.


Remote opportunities in Poland at Samsara –

  • Software Engineer
  • Staff Software Engineer
  • Software Engineering Manager

Samsara company website –

Invisible Tech
Invisible provides flexible workforce solutions to companies and can help provide them with workflow automation and virtual assistants. The company might require candidates to work in a different timezone than Poland for certain roles.

Invisible Tech

Remote jobs at Invisible –

  • Customer Service Agent
  • Accounting Associate
  • HR Relations Partner
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Delivery Operator
  • Photo Scraping Agent
  • Operations Analyst
  • Operations Manager

Invisible company website –

BeeKeeper provides workforce solutions to enable operational productivity, collaboration, integration and automation. The company provides numerous benefits to its employees including learning funds, paid time off, health insurance and internet costs reimbursement.


Remote roles at BeeKeeper –

  • Frontend Engineering Lead
  • Head of Quality Assurance
  • Platform Engineer

BeeKeeper business website –

ClickUp is an all-in-one customizable solution for work teams to make collaboration, document/task management, and reporting a lot easier. ClickUp comes with numerous integrations and automation solutions to make your work life easier.


If interested in remote work at ClickUp, checkout their roles –

  • Application Security Engineer
  • Staff/Principal Backend Engineer
  • Infrastructure Security Engineer
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Growth Engineer

ClickUp website –

Appfire Technologies
Appfire is an Atlassian app partner and helps companies with integrating Atlassian apps. The company provides tools to support BI, IT, Project Management, Workflow Automation and Development capabilities for teams within companies.


Remote opportunities (Poland) at Appfire Technologies –

  • Scrum Master
  • UX Designer
  • Cloud Solutions Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Backend Java Developer
  • Junior DevOps Engineer
  • QA Automation Engineer

AppFire Tech website –

Craft is a supply chain intelligence platform that provides solutions for sales intelligence, supplier intelligence, and Aerospace and Defense. The company has amazing work benefits with unlimited sick leave, 4 weeks of paid time off, and a comprehensive health insurance plan for all its employees.


Remote roles in Poland at Craft –

  • Data Engineer (Multiple)
  • Fullstack Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer

Craft business website –

EnglishScore provides an app based solution so that Companies or Universities can test their candidates with their English speaking skills for employment. EnglishScore is used by NHS, Universitas Indonesia, Kyung Hee University, Capita and many other companies.


Remote jobs at EnglishScore (Poland) –

  • Account Manager

EnglishScore company website –