20 Companies Hiring Digital Nomads In Poland!

Here is a list of companies that are hiring remote talent in Poland! Most companies on the list pay higher than local wages and some allow you to work remotely in the EU as well! If you want to work from anywhere in the world, then checkout list of companies that let you work remotely from anywhere!

Vonage is a multibillion dollar telecom company which specializes in cloud based solutions. The company offers a number of products that support unified communications, contact centers and conversational commerce. Employees have the option to work remotely within Poland or at the company’s office in Wroclaw.


Remote roles at Vonage –

  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Customer Operations Analyst
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Presales Engineering
  • Operations Engineer
  • Database Admin
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Developer Advocate
  • Product Marketing Manager (Healthcare)
  • Customer Solutions Architect

Vonage Company website – https://www.vonage.com/

Andela is a job platform for software developers/engineers. The company offers numerous benefits including device stipends, work from home supplementary income, equity, pension contributions, and paid time off to all its employees.


Polish Remote jobs at Andela –

  • Talent Sourcer
  • Enterprise Business Development Rep (German/English)
  • Account Executive
  • Profile Editor Specialist
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Data Matching Specialist

Remote jobs at Andela – https://andela.com/

PandaDoc is trying to digitize the process for proposals, quotes and contract management. Some of the customers for this company include AutoDesk, SGS, Konika Minolta, Tata Steel, and Rakuten. Apart from health insurance, pension plans, and paid-time off, the company also provides education and commuter benefits. The company has previously been certified as Best Workplaces and a Great Place to Work.


Remote jobs at PandaDoc –

  • Customer Support Associate
  • Customer Success Associate
  • Global Expansion Project Manager
  • Partner Development Manager
  • Global Talent Acquisition Director
  • Leadership Development Trainer
  • Product Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • Engineering Manager
  • Frontend Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Python Developer/Engineer
  • QA Engineer

PandaDoc company portal – https://www.pandadoc.com/

AirSlate provides automation and integration solutions for documents where the users can work without having any experience in coding. The company has a variety of products that enable form creation, payment processing, analytics, document editing, contract management and more. The company provides numerous benefits like performance bonus, professional development courses, English speaking classes, massage at office, and stock options. You also have the option to work from Ukraine.


Jobs at AirSlate that are remote –

  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Accountant
  • Recruiter
  • Rewards Manager (HR)
  • Marketing Editor
  • Access Management Specialist
  • PHP Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • DevOps Engineer

AirSlate company URL – https://www.airslate.com/

INFUSEmedia helps B2B companies with sales and marketing. The company can help with content creation, lead generation, lead verification, content syndication and more. The company might require you to work on a different timezone depending on their requirements.


Remote roles at INFUSEMedia –

  • Customer Service Associate (Multiple Positions)
  • Customer Service Representative
  • B2B Content Writer
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Junior Recruiter
  • B2B Events Coordinator
  • Technical Content Writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Support Associate
  • Market Analyst
  • PR Manager
  • Product Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Assistant

INFUSEMedia Portal – https://infusemedia.com/

LiveChat provides online chat solutions to small and large businesses. Using the company’s chat platform, businesses can automate part of their sales/support process and also improve sales/resolve tickets faster. The company offers other popular solutions as well like ChatBot, KnowledgeBase and HelpDesk.


Remote jobs in Poland at LiveChat –

  • Support Hero
  • Business Development Representative
  • Head of HelpDesk
  • SEO Specialist
  • Design System Lead
  • Backend Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer

LiveChat company website – https://www.livechat.com/

Kevin provides merchants with online payment and in-store payment solutions. Using the company’s solutions, merchants can enjoy lower transaction fees, access their payments faster, and give the option of flexible payments to customers. Company benefits include a very high salary, health insurance, and paid time off.


Remote opportunities at Kevin –

  • Market Researcher
  • Creative Service Manager
  • Project Manager (Point of Sale)
  • Head of Sales
  • Sales Representative (Danish/Lithuanian/Spanish/Swedish/Russian/Latvian)
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Product Owner
  • Cyber Security Operations Officer
  • Engineering Team Lead
  • Backend Software Engineer
  • iOS Software Engineer

Kevin company website – https://www.kevin.eu

Box Inc
Box is a cloud-based collaboration software provider that helps with different aspects like security, compliance, and workflow management. You have the option to work within the team or remotely. Box has numerous large clients including Morgan Stanley, the US Air Force, AstraZeneca, and Intuit.


Remote opportunities at Box –

  • Product Designer
  • Program Manager
  • Quality Assurance Lead
  • Detection Engineer
  • Android Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Mobile Engineer
  • Systems Reliability Engineer
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Platform Engineering Manager

Box Inc website – https://www.box.com/

Glovo is an online food delivery app. Using the app, you can also order groceries, convenience store items, medication (pharmacy). To be eligible for roles you might be required to have excellent Polish as well as English skills.


Remote jobs in Poland at Glovo –

Remote roles at Glovo –

  • Backend Engineer (Multiple positions)

GlovoApp company website – https://glovoapp.com/

ExpressVPN offers secure virtual private network services for personal and business use. The company also sells network routers that come preinstalled with express VPN technology. Certain roles at the company might require you to work in a different time zone.


Remote jobs at ExpressVPN Poland –

  • Backend Software Engineers
  • Staff Software Engineers

ExpressVPN website – https://www.expressvpn.com/

Phiture is a marketing company that is more geared towards growth in the mobile/apps industry. The company helps its clients with app store optimization, app retention, growth consultation and marketing. The company provides MacBooks to all its employees, and the option to work remotely internationally as well.


Remote work at Phiture –

  • Growth Consultant (Marketing CRM)
  • App Store Optimization Consultant

Phiture company website – https://phiture.com/

MapBox provides custom map solutions. MapBox products and solutions are used by numerous big players in the industry like Instacart, General Motors, National Geographic, Toyota, Strava, CNN, and more.

Remote jobs at MapBox –

  • Data Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior C++ Engineer

MapBox company website – https://www.mapbox.com/

ThousandEyes is a software company that provides network intelligence solutions for companies to resolve network infrastructure performance issues. The company is a subsidiary of Cisco Systems which is one of the largest networking companies in the world.


Remote Roles at ThousandEyes –

  • Technical Content Writer
  • Data Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer

ThousandEyes company website – https://www.thousandeyes.com/

Samsara is a software company that provides fleet management, fleet safety and compliance, and equipment monitoring solutions. The company has previously been rated as one of the top startups by LinkedIn and has also been rated as one of the fastest growing companies by the Financial Times. The company provides a flexible remote option to all employees, health insurance and funds for personal development.


Remote opportunities in Poland at Samsara –

  • Software Engineer
  • Staff Software Engineer
  • Software Engineering Manager

Samsara company website – https://www.samsara.com/

Invisible Tech
Invisible provides flexible workforce solutions to companies and can help provide them with workflow automation and virtual assistants. The company might require candidates to work in a different timezone than Poland for certain roles.

Invisible Tech

Remote jobs at Invisible –

  • Customer Service Agent
  • Accounting Associate
  • HR Relations Partner
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Delivery Operator
  • Photo Scraping Agent
  • Operations Analyst
  • Operations Manager

Invisible company website – https://www.invisible.co/

BeeKeeper provides workforce solutions to enable operational productivity, collaboration, integration and automation. The company provides numerous benefits to its employees including learning funds, paid time off, health insurance and internet costs reimbursement.


Remote roles at BeeKeeper –

  • Frontend Engineering Lead
  • Head of Quality Assurance
  • Platform Engineer

BeeKeeper business website – https://www.beekeeper.io/

ClickUp is an all-in-one customizable solution for work teams to make collaboration, document/task management, and reporting a lot easier. ClickUp comes with numerous integrations and automation solutions to make your work life easier.


If interested in remote work at ClickUp, checkout their roles –

  • Application Security Engineer
  • Staff/Principal Backend Engineer
  • Infrastructure Security Engineer
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Growth Engineer

ClickUp website – https://clickup.com/

Appfire Technologies
Appfire is an Atlassian app partner and helps companies with integrating Atlassian apps. The company provides tools to support BI, IT, Project Management, Workflow Automation and Development capabilities for teams within companies.


Remote opportunities (Poland) at Appfire Technologies –

  • Scrum Master
  • UX Designer
  • Cloud Solutions Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Backend Java Developer
  • Junior DevOps Engineer
  • QA Automation Engineer

AppFire Tech website – https://appfire.com/

Craft is a supply chain intelligence platform that provides solutions for sales intelligence, supplier intelligence, and Aerospace and Defense. The company has amazing work benefits with unlimited sick leave, 4 weeks of paid time off, and a comprehensive health insurance plan for all its employees.


Remote roles in Poland at Craft –

  • Data Engineer (Multiple)
  • Fullstack Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer

Craft business website – https://craft.co/

EnglishScore provides an app based solution so that Companies or Universities can test their candidates with their English speaking skills for employment. EnglishScore is used by NHS, Universitas Indonesia, Kyung Hee University, Capita and many other companies.


Remote jobs at EnglishScore (Poland) –

  • Account Manager

EnglishScore company website – https://www.englishscore.com/

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