How To Apply Indian e-Tourist Visa Online?

It can get a bit confusing at first how to apply for an Indian e-visa so I created this quick guide that will help you with each step of your application process.

What Are The Requirements For Indian E-Visa?

Your nationality must be on the list of eligible countries for an e-visa. Nationals of Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States are all eligible for e-visa.

Also you would need to upload the following documents –

  • Digital copy of recent colored photo – (2in x 2in)
  • Digital copy of Passport

Where To Find Indian E-Visa Application?

Even though many websites or companies online might be offering electronic visa services, the official portal to apply is the Indian Visa Online portal.

How To Fill e-Visa Application Form?

To get your application started, you would need to provide the following details. Once you click submit you will be issued a temporary application ID.

  • Nationality – Must be an eligible e-visa country
  • Passport Type – Select Ordinary Passport
  • Port Of Arrival – Indian Airport (E.g. Delhi Airport)
  • Date Of Birth – Must be in DD/MM/YYYY Format
  • Email ID – Your email id to receive electronic visa
  • Visa Service – Select eTourist Visa (Tourism)

You would also need to provide the following details for the Applicant –

  • Surname – Provide your family name
  • Given Name – This would be your first name
  • Gender – Select Male/Female/Transgender
  • City of Birth – The city where you were born
  • Country of Birth – Country where you were born
  • Citizenship ID – Enter NA if not applicable
  • Religion – Your religion (select others for Atheist)
  • Visible Identification Marks – This could be a birth mark / scar
  • Educational Qualifications – Highest education level attained
  • Did you acquire nationality by birth or naturalization?

For the passport details, the following information is required –

  • Passport Number
  • Place of Issue
  • Date of Issue
  • Date of Expiry
  • If you hold additional nationalities

Once you submit, you will be able to upload the passport/photo and complete your application by making the payment.

What eTourist visa duration should I go for?

It is recommended to go for 1 year duration if your plans are tentative, however if your flight is already scheduled for a short trip then you might just select 30 days period. If you select 30 days then you must apply for your visa a few days before your trip begins.

Please note that the visa validity period is 30 days from the date of arrival in India.

How Long Does It Take For E-Visa To Get Approved?

For most applicants, it would take about 1-2 days for the e-visa to be granted.

Before Your Arrival To India

Here are some things to check before your arrival

  • Make sure that your visa status is showing as ‘GRANTED’ before your flight.
  • If your country is on the list of yellow fever affected countries then you would required to provide proof of vaccination on arrival.
  • You cannot use e-visa for land border entries.

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