6 Good Cat Treats That You Can Buy In the UK!

During my recent visit to the United Kingdom, I felt that the stores in the UK offer a lot more variety of cat treats, so I decided to buy a bunch of them up and see which ones my cat liked.

Here are some of the cat treat products that my cat recommends –

Felix Crispies
At only 1 calorie per treat, Felix Crispies have one of the lowest calories per treat that I could find among cat treats that I’ve seen so far. The treats come with Beef and Chicken flavor. Each treat contains a little bit of protein, vitamins and Omega 6 fatty acids. The treats are quite small in size, so if you plan to play with your cat a lot, these treats are the ideal size.

Felix Crispies

Catit Nibbly
Unlike other processed cat treats on the market, Catit has done a bit differently with their product. Catit Nibbly contains whole fish wrapped in chicken breast. I wasn’t expecting my cat to eat these treats out but he seems to be enjoying it. I recommend that you break these treats into smaller portions with your hands before giving it to your cat.

Catit Nibbly Cat Treats

Felix Play Tubes
Felix Play Tubes come in Chicken and Liver flavors. As the name ‘Play Tubes’ suggests, these treats can be rolled or tossed and you will see your cat going crazy running after it. The treats do have a bit of weight meaning they make more noise when they hit the ground and they roll as well. My cat enjoys chasing after these treats.

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Felix Play Tubes

Webbox Tasty Sticks
Made with Duck Meat, I think these cat treats my cat finds quite delicious. As soon as I open the pack, the fresh smell makes him ask for the tasty sticks straightaway. I have tried some other sticks before, but I think he really enjoys having these.

Webbox Tasty Sticks

Felix Naturally Delicious
Purina’s Felix Naturally Delicious consists of a blend of chicken and catnip. Don’t be surprised if your cat goes crazy running after these treats due to them containing catnip!

Felix Naturally Delicious

Beaphar Calming Cat Treats
Beaphar cat treats come in Chicken flavor and might be useful in case your cat is going through a stressful period. The treats contain Valerian, Hop Flowers and Melissa Herb to relieve anxiety. If your cat shows discomfort or anxious behavior then it might be worth trying these cat treats.

Calming Cat Treats

Where to get these cat treats?
I was able to find all these cat treats at The Range store in the UK though you may find them at other online stores like Amazon UK as well. Pricing for each packet (around 50g) was between 1-2 GBP.

How To Play With Two Cats At Once!

It can be a bit tricky to play with two cats at once! The game that I tried to play was very simple or so I thought! I would call them by their name and throw treats far away for them to chase however I noticed that both of them would chase the treats. This led to them fighting over who gets the treat.

Also, it appeared that one of the two cats would just stop playing because the other cat was being aggressive. I tried to train them for a couple of days but it was not working well.

So instead I tried a different approach. I decided to assign the cats specific paths to run in different directions of the house, I would still be calling them by their name when throwing the treats but I would not let them go into the other cat’s path.

Playin with two cats at once

After a bit of training, they stopped going into the other cat’s path fighting over the treats. The cats realized quick that during play, the specific path assigned belongs to them. This is prolly the simplest game I could think for me to play with both of them at once.

Two Cats Two Paths

You could also try to throw treat for either cat when the other one is running. If both of them see you throwing the treat, then they might get confused sometimes and try to go in the other cat’s path. You want to avoid them crossing into the other cat’s path as much as possible during the initial training. It’s okay to tell them “No” so that they know when they go into the other cat’s path during playtime it’s wrong.

Cats Review Dried Sardines Pet Treats!

I was looking for something interesting for my cat to try and found out about Dried Sardines by OnlyOneTreats that Winners/HomeSense was selling for CAD $7.99. Before this I have always given my cat, processed cat treats and some of them my cat goes absolutely crazy for.

As the name of the product suggests, it only contains Dried Sardines that have been dried naturally. There is nothing else in it that has been added to enhance it’s taste or preservation. The Pet Treats are suitable for both cats and dogs. Not only that, but they are human grade, so you can also try them out as well!

As per the nutrition notes, they are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and have calcium as well. While, the notes say low calories, It is actually 4.8 calories per 1.5g sardine! Compared to other treats, this might be a little higher but it really depends on how many are you going to end up feeding your cat.

OnlyOneTreats Dried Sardines

I had another cat that I was sitting for the week so I thought why not let both cats try the treats out and tell me how it goes. The cats were quite curious when I opened the bag, and once I took the treat in front of them, they actually licked it but then never ended up eating them.

I then put the treats in front of them to see if they would try playing with it or do something but they just sniffed it and that was it. It seems that both cats do not seem to like these Dried Sardines much. With other treats, that I have tried, they can be a lot more playful and will eat them the moment I put it in front of them.

However, I have noticed that when I put the Dried Sardines Treats in my Cat’s food bowl with the wet food, he seems to eat it after a while. I think that while I can’t use these Dried Sardines as treats, I might end up using them as food toppers for my cat to have something a little different in his diet.

How To Bring A Second Cat Home?

Are you thinking about bringing a second cat home; or have to sit someone else’s cat at your residence when you already have one. Well you should know that cats are territorial and if you aren’t prepared beforehand, you might create a bad initial experience for your new cat as well as the old one!

Not all cats are welcoming to another cat entering their territory and while your cat might have never attacked anyone before but things can get pretty heated if you don’t take the right steps when you introduce your cats.

Make some private space for your new cat
Don’t release the second cat into home straight away! A lot of times, people end up releasing the second cat the moment they arrive home. That can make the cat feel vulnerable and most of them will try to hide, run away from you!

If possible try to have a small room for your second cat where the cat has it’s litterbox, toys, food and bed. Open the carrier in this room and close the door but make sure that the room is properly ventilated and check on the cat every few hours. It’s possible to install a baby monitor to see what your cat is up to. The cat might end up staying in it’s carrier for a few hours but will eventually come out on its own. You might need to do this for a couple of days as some cats adapt quickly and some don’t.

It might be useful to spray some toys with catnip as cats tend to enjoy it.

Cat Room with Bed, Toys, Literbox and Food

Do not introduce the two cats too soon!
This is very important! Cats can be very scared when they are being moved and the first thing you should be doing is to make it as comfortable as possible for the new cat. Most of the times it’s easier for the person to make a relationship with the new cat than other cats.

Make the right introduction with you!
Once the cat is out of the carrier, you can enter the room and call by them by their name. Throw some treats at them and see how they respond. Don’t try to chase them at this point. Once the cat eats a treat, start putting them closer to you one by one. That will lure the cat towards you. Spend some time with the cat, and see if they are willing to play with any toys with you. It might take 2-3 days for the cat to feel comfortable with you.

Petting might be risky
Don’t try to pet your new cat as they may hiss or try to bite you. You need to give them some time to build relationship with you as well as your first cat.

I usually try to see if a cat tries to eat treats from my hand or not. If not, then maybe I need to give them some time before I try to pet them. Sometimes I bring move my hand in front of them to let them smell and see how they respond.

Introducing your first cat to your new cat
The first step for you would be to bring your cat to the door of the private room that you created for your new cat. You will notice your cat smelling around the door or trying to see what’s on the other end. After a while, try to open the door just slightly to let the cats see each other only. If they are hissing at each other then just close the door again. You will need to do it a couple of times over the next 2-3 days, before you open the door completely for your new cat and let them outside to explore rest of the house.

Cats separated through the door

Always keep an eye on the cats for the first few days
You will need to make sure that they are not fighting with each other. It can take both of the cats some time to get comfortable with each other and when they hiss, you could try to separate them as you want them to have as much pleasant experience as possible when meeting each other.

Avoid cat fights

I had noticed that the cats were uncomfortable so during night time, I kept them separate for an additional day as I wasn’t sure what would happen. The next day they were doing a lot better.

Monitor cats food and make sure both are getting enough attention
Sometimes the dominating cat of the two can end up eating food for both cats so you will need to let the cat know that it is not ok. It can take a while to train the cat not to eat the other cat’s food.

Also you will need to make sure that both of them are getting enough attention. Sometimes the other cat can feel a bit left out so you will need to maybe play with them one by one.

Give them time!
It usually takes atleast a few days, sometimes weeks for the cats to get adjusted to each other. It’s always good to monitor your cats and make changes accordingly, so that you are accommodating the needs of your new cat as well as the old one.

Cat Tries Fruitables Cat Treats With Blueberry And Loves It!

My cat loves to play with treats everyday and it doesn’t take too long till I am out of them! So this time, I ended up getting him Chicken Flavored Fruitables Cat Treats (with Blueberry).

The main ingredients and benefits of Fruitables Cat Treat are

  • Chicken – Provides the cat with proteins!
  • Flaxspeed – Contains nutrients essential fatty acids for a healthy heart.
  • Pea Fiber – Helps with digestion!
  • Blueberry – Provides antioxidants.

The product does mention that it does not contain any wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors or flavoring so is very safe to use.

As per the nutrition facts, this treat provides only 1.25 kcal per treat which is much less than other cat treats I have given my cat and they usually have around 2 kcal per treat!

Fruitables Cat Treats

My cat could smell the smell fresh cat treats as soon as I opened them and his eyes were on the treat till I threw it far away. At that moment, he immediately ran to grab the treat! I have played with the Fruitable Cat Treats for a couple of days and my cat seems to enjoy them a lot and playing with it as well!

If you are looking for new treats to try for your cat, it would be worth trying these chicken flavored Fruitable Cat Treats! Since the calorific value is lower, it could also be a good replacement to other high calorie treats that you have been providing your cat!

Buy Fruitables Cat Treats At The Store!
I noticed that these treats at priced very high at Amazon! While the price at Amazon Canada was around CAD $12 per pack, You can get them in-store at Canadian Tire for less than CAD $4. That is a big difference!

Rating: 10/10

Will Spot Flippin’ Skinneeez Squirrel Interactive Cat Toy Work For My Cat?

My 3 year old cat doesn’t seem to play much with toys so I thought I will spend a bit more money this time and get him an Interactive Cat Toy instead. I found the Spot’s Flippin Squirrel Toy at Winner’s and it cost me a little more than 20 bucks!

Spot Squirrel Interactive Cat Toy

The company claims that the toy moves like a ‘Real Prey’ and it comes with a USB Charger and Catnip. There is a small zip around the bottom of the toy that you need to unzip to be able to charge the device. Also within the pocket there is a small bag of catnip as well.

On/Off Button For Squirrel Cat Toy

I charged the device for about an hour and turned the device on and put it on the ground. As soon as you turn the toy on, the tail does move like a squirrel however the toy doesn’t itself move forward much. The motion continues for a short period and triggers again if you move the toy a little bit.

To see how my cat responds to the toy – I placed it around a corner and my cat immediately took notice of it. He came closer to the toy after a while, smelt it but then just stopped, didn’t really try to do anything and just went away.

Cat notices Spot Cat Toy!

It also seems that my cat is quite scared of the toy when it moves. I have tried turning off the movement and see if I place the toy on a height somewhere maybe my cat will try to play with it but no.

Trying to get cat to play with Cat Toy

It has been more than two weeks since I bought the toy but haven’t really seen my cat play with it at all. I also tried to put more catnip on it but even that hasn’t helped unlike other toys where my cat picks the toy immediately sometimes.

I have had some other toys from Spot before (non-interactive) and some of them my cat has played a bit more however with this one my cat didn’t really interact at all.

I think this was a bad purchase for me as I expected more out of this one especially as it is priced a lot higher than the usual cat toys in the market.

Finally Found Catnip That Works For My Cat! – Cat Crack Review!

I have tried numerous catnip sprays and powders before and none of them have worked for my cat. Most of the time it would end up with the cat just twitching a little bit and that’s it.

Apart from catnip, I had also tried some alternatives available including silvervine but still didn’t see my cat responding much to it. So I started searching online if I could find something that would actually work and that’s how I came across Cat Crack!

Cat Crack Cat Nip

As the name suggests, it’s supposed to be a potent blend of catnip to make the cat go crazy. The company claims that they have their own proprietary blend which lasts longer and stays fresher.

Upon opening the jar, I felt that this catnip looked and smelled a lot more fresher and stronger. I was wondering if my cat would really enjoy it as none of the catnips before had worked.

Fresh Cat Nip

But does it really work? To test this out, I took an old cat toy that my cat didn’t play with anymore and put a little bit of cat nip and just spread it across the toy.

Cat Nip on the Toy

I then introduced my cat to the toy and he took a quick whiff; within seconds he grabbed hold of the toy and actually started playing it. I was kind of surprised since my cat hadn’t played with the toy at all in the last few months. In fact, I had noticed that my cat barely was playing with any toys.

Cat smelling Cat Nip

I tried to monitor my cat for a few minutes and saw him playing with the toy for the period. This is the first cat nip formula that I have found that works for my cat and am happy with it!

Cat playing with toy after catnip sprinkled

I then tried sprinkling a very small portion of cat nip on another toy that my cat hasn’t played much with and was surprised that after putting a bit of cat crack, the cat started interacting with that toy as well.

Cat playing with ball with cat crack

So far I am happy that I have found something that works for my cat. Though I noticed that this product is priced way higher ($40) than other catnip products in the market especially if you are buying it in Canada (even though it’s a Canadian product). I didn’t notice any harmful side-effects using this product on my cat.

Recommend you guys to try this product out for your cats if you have not been satisfied with other catnip products in the market!

Rating – 9/10