Will Spot Flippin’ Skinneeez Squirrel Interactive Cat Toy Work For My Cat?

My 3 year old cat doesn’t seem to play much with toys so I thought I will spend a bit more money this time and get him an Interactive Cat Toy instead. I found the Spot’s Flippin Squirrel Toy at Winner’s and it cost me a little more than 20 bucks!

Spot Squirrel Interactive Cat Toy

The company claims that the toy moves like a ‘Real Prey’ and it comes with a USB Charger and Catnip. There is a small zip around the bottom of the toy that you need to unzip to be able to charge the device. Also within the pocket there is a small bag of catnip as well.

On/Off Button For Squirrel Cat Toy

I charged the device for about an hour and turned the device on and put it on the ground. As soon as you turn the toy on, the tail does move like a squirrel however the toy doesn’t itself move forward much. The motion continues for a short period and triggers again if you move the toy a little bit.

To see how my cat responds to the toy – I placed it around a corner and my cat immediately took notice of it. He came closer to the toy after a while, smelt it but then just stopped, didn’t really try to do anything and just went away.

Cat notices Spot Cat Toy!

It also seems that my cat is quite scared of the toy when it moves. I have tried turning off the movement and see if I place the toy on a height somewhere maybe my cat will try to play with it but no.

Trying to get cat to play with Cat Toy

It has been more than two weeks since I bought the toy but haven’t really seen my cat play with it at all. I also tried to put more catnip on it but even that hasn’t helped unlike other toys where my cat picks the toy immediately sometimes.

I have had some other toys from Spot before (non-interactive) and some of them my cat has played a bit more however with this one my cat didn’t really interact at all.

I think this was a bad purchase for me as I expected more out of this one especially as it is priced a lot higher than the usual cat toys in the market.

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