Finally Found Catnip That Works For My Cat! – Cat Crack Review!

I have tried numerous catnip sprays and powders before and none of them have worked for my cat. Most of the time it would end up with the cat just twitching a little bit and that’s it.

Apart from catnip, I had also tried some alternatives available including silvervine but still didn’t see my cat responding much to it. So I started searching online if I could find something that would actually work and that’s how I came across Cat Crack!

Cat Crack Cat Nip

As the name suggests, it’s supposed to be a potent blend of catnip to make the cat go crazy. The company claims that they have their own proprietary blend which lasts longer and stays fresher.

Upon opening the jar, I felt that this catnip looked and smelled a lot more fresher and stronger. I was wondering if my cat would really enjoy it as none of the catnips before had worked.

Fresh Cat Nip

But does it really work? To test this out, I took an old cat toy that my cat didn’t play with anymore and put a little bit of cat nip and just spread it across the toy.

Cat Nip on the Toy

I then introduced my cat to the toy and he took a quick whiff; within seconds he grabbed hold of the toy and actually started playing it. I was kind of surprised since my cat hadn’t played with the toy at all in the last few months. In fact, I had noticed that my cat barely was playing with any toys.

Cat smelling Cat Nip

I tried to monitor my cat for a few minutes and saw him playing with the toy for the period. This is the first cat nip formula that I have found that works for my cat and am happy with it!

Cat playing with toy after catnip sprinkled

I then tried sprinkling a very small portion of cat nip on another toy that my cat hasn’t played much with and was surprised that after putting a bit of cat crack, the cat started interacting with that toy as well.

Cat playing with ball with cat crack

So far I am happy that I have found something that works for my cat. Though I noticed that this product is priced way higher ($40) than other catnip products in the market especially if you are buying it in Canada (even though it’s a Canadian product). I didn’t notice any harmful side-effects using this product on my cat.

Recommend you guys to try this product out for your cats if you have not been satisfied with other catnip products in the market!

Rating – 9/10

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