Jenga Night At Chateau Lafayette In Byward Market!

After visiting Chateau Lafayette, I feel like this bar has a really good potential to become my favorite bar in the city! While the lafayette is a dive bar, it’s one of the few bars in the downtown area that plays country music!

There is limited seating in the patio however their indoor is quite spacious and is suitable for large groups. I didn’t knew this but the bar also has some games that are available to be played for free. My group was able to get a hold of the Jenga, which we played through the night and what made it even awesome was that each piece of Jenga had a dare written on it so it was fun playing them out at the bar.

Chateau Lafayette

Apart from Jenga, the bar also has Pacman arcade and some other games that are available on request. You might have to just look around as there does seem to be some interesting stuff in the bar.

Since this bar actually plays country music, even though the dance floor is quite limited, you will end up seeing people do line dancing sometimes! They do have a DJ playing music on the weekends but also you have the option to play your own music using the touchtunes machines on other days.

Chateau Lafayette promises to be a really good spot for group hangouts. Drinks are priced a little higher than what the other dive bars like Dominion Tavern charge but this one offers a very different experience.

Address: 42 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5S6

Rating: 8/10

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