Not Impressed At All With Takeaway Sushi From Sushi Go Plateau!

Last weekend I was craving for Sushi and found this takeaway spot in the Plateau area called Sushi Go. So I decided to get their takeaway sushi and give it a try.

I ended up getting their two boxes of their Sushi Combo which offer a variety of Sushi so you get to see what the restaurant offers and not just judge it based on a single menu item.

While the Sushi’s appearance does look appetizing, I wasn’t really impressed with the taste as such. I have been to other Sushi takeaway spots that offer much better experience at around half the price in the Gatineau area! (Aki Sushi comes to mind!)

Sushi Combo Box with Tempura
Sushi Combo Box

I am hoping that the sushi at this venue improves as this is the nearest sushi place near me but I don’t think I would visit it again unless things change!

If I had dined in? Would that have been different? I don’t know!

Rating: 4/10!

Address: 20 Boulevard du Plateau, Gatineau, Quebec J9A 3K7

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