7 Reasons Not To Move To Toronto!

Toronto is not for everyone! Despite being ranked as one of the most livable cities in North America and in the world, Toronto has a number of issues which make people who have tried living there hate it, leave it and never come back –

Here are some of the reasons why it’s not worth moving to Toronto –

Toronto is an Expensive City to live in
Don’t be surprised if the rent for housing amounts to more than half of your salary. Rampant money laundering and a lack of housing supply has caused rental prices to skyrocket. A lot of people are not able to buy a house because they don’t have enough savings to be able to pay for the downpayment.

It comes as no surprise that the younger generation in Toronto are either forced to live with their parents or go for shared accommodation despite having a full-time job.

City of Toronto

If you were to lose your job, the unemployment benefits are not even going to be enough to cover your rent! This can end up being a very stressful event for you.

Toronto is overcrowded
Toronto is the most populated city in Canada and you will often end up in situations where you are stuck in long queues to get into a restaurant, or in cramped conditions in a street car. This can often lead to frustration as the city hasn’t really been able to navigate on how to resolve these issues to a big extent.

Money doesn’t go a long way in Toronto
While salaries might be higher when compared to third world countries, most people who move to Toronto don’t really end up making a lot of money. Additionally with the cost of living being high and a substantial portion going to taxes, there isn’t much to save either. Only if you get a really high paying job or make big cuts to your standard of living, you would be able to save money while living in Toronto.

Poor infrastructure
Toronto lacks the necessary infrastructure to support its population.

  • The city lacks highways and it can take hours for short commutes.
  • There isn’t sufficient parking available.
  • Emergency healthcare wait times can be very long.
  • It can take years to have a family doctor.

Housing Shortage and Chronic Homelessness
Finding housing in Toronto is like looking for a job. You will have to go through a lot of viewings, spend a lot of time, do interviews, and have endless formalities just to be able to secure housing. The city has failed to keep up with the large number of migrants that move to the city every year and that has often lead to landlords taking advantage of the situation.

If you belong to a lower income group, you might be eligible to apply for community housing, however it can take more than a decade to get housing.

Toronto has tens of thousands of people who suffer from chronic homelessness as the city has been deemed unaffordable. The homeless situation is expected to worsen as the city fails to take any reasonable action.

Mental Health
There is a shockingly high number of mentally unstable people that you would encounter daily while living in Toronto. Whether you are in public transit, on the street or even in your apartment building, you will notice that a large number of people in Toronto suffer from Mental health issues.

Public Transport is a nightmare
While it might be rated high in reports and called the best in North America, the reality is that Toronto’s public transport is one of the worst that you can experience. Not only is it quite costly to use the transit system, the street cars break down often, and are also overcrowded during peak hours. What might be a normal 5-10 minute commute can become an hour in transit.

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