Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Live In Toronto!

You might have often heard in the news how Toronto ranks as one of the most livable cities in the world! Things must be really up there right? But did you know that a lot of people don’t like Toronto once they move and a record number of people end up moving out of the city?

Here are some bad things about Toronto that might make you reconsider your decision about living in Toronto! –

Toronto is absurdly Expensive
Average salaries in Toronto have stayed pretty much stagnant over the last decade while the real estate prices have increased astronomically. If you are looking for a 1-bedroom apartment; you will end up paying more than $2000 per month! Even after paying that much it might turn out to be a crappy apartment. For most people living in Toronto, they are just living paycheck to paycheck as most of the salary ends up going towards housing.

The City is Noisy!
Toronto has construction going throughout the year! In a lot of areas, the construction starts up early around 6 am! Even if you file a complaint, not much will be done about it as construction companies have a big influence over the government.

This can completely ruin your sleep and also affect your mental health.

Toronto has a homelessness problem
You will be surprised by the number of homeless people in Toronto. Lack of affordable housing is one of the reasons why Toronto has a large homeless population.

Poor Public Transport
Even though you might hear in the news about T-dot having the best public transport in North America, it is certainly not true.

Breakdowns on public transport happen on a daily basis, and you can expect to be delayed anywhere between half-hour to a few hours on a regular basis as well. The public transport is not in a great shape, and you will have a much better life just avoiding it completely!

Too much Traffic
With a lack of highways in the city, you are forced to use city roads and have to stop every few 100 meters due to signals. The highways can be slow as well most of the days with cars driving at snail pace. Don’t be surprised if it took you a few hours to get your destination.

Crime Rate
While crime is less compared to other American cities of similar population size, Toronto has much higher crime rate compared to other Canadian cities where you can live much safer.

Living in Toronto you would get used to hearing about gangs and gun violence that has been increasing in the city in the recent years.

Cold Weather
While Toronto is relatively warmer compared to most Canadian cities, it can still get quite cold during winters. Temperatures plummet to -25 C and if you have been used to nice and warm weather all time, you will need to be well-prepared for the Canadian winters.

Do you still want to move to Toronto? 🙂

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