Can I Work Remotely For A Canadian Company From India?

It is definitely possible to work remotely for a Canadian company from India, but there are two different scenarios under which you might want to do this:

  • You are based in India and want to work for a Canadian company
  • You are residing in Canada but want to move from Canada to India and continue working for your Canadian Employer

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Based in India and want to work remotely for a Canadian Company

If you are an Indian citizen or resident with right to live/work in India then you can benefit by directly working for a Canadian company as salaries usually tend to be a lot higher than if you were working for a local Indian firm.

Moving from Canada to India but retaining Canadian Employer

If you were previously a Canadian Resident and want to keep your job, you can continue working as a Canadian Employee in India however you will need to make sure that you are filing your taxes in India as well as Canada.

Depending on how long you are going to be in India, you might be considered a resident for tax purposes in India, so it would be advisable to consult an international tax accountant when you are doing your taxes.

Why would a Canadian Company want a remote worker in India?

There are a number of reasons why a Canadian company would want to hire a person based in India and it’s just not cost related –

  • Skills shortage in Canada – There is a massive shortage of skilled labour especially in Engineering and Science which has enticed employers to look outside Canada for hiring people.
  • Time Zone difference – Sometimes Companies want people to work during night time and it might be ideal to have someone who is based in India (during daytime) so that they can have a 24/7 coverage.
  • Regional Expertise – It might make sense for the Canadian company to hire someone in India because they need someone on the ground in India due to the nature of business, which is why they might be hiring someone in India.

How to secure your remote job?

Searching a remote job from India is going to be hard but is definitely possible. Here are some tips that can help you gain a remote job with a Canadian Company –

  • Get yourself remote ready
  • Optimize your resume – Update your resume to market yourself well.
  • Acquire the right skills – Sign up for some online courses
  • Apply for remote jobs through Indeed Canada / Linkedin – Most of the people looking for remote jobs are able to secure one using those two major job portals in Canada.
  • Apply for remote jobs through company’s website – Small/Medium size companies would be more willing to take you as a remote worker than large sized companies.
  • Learn English / French – Both English and French are official languages of Canada and it can be very beneficial if you can speak both languages especially if you are looking for opportunities that involving speaking to a customer.

Do you need right to work in Canada as a remote worker in India?

No, you do not need to have right to work in Canada.

Do let your prospective Canadian Employer know that as you would be working remote, you do not need to have right to work in Canada. Do explain that as an Indian citizen or permanent resident, you have unrestricted right to live and work in India.

How to get paid as a remote worker in India?

There are many different ways this can be setup –

  • Professional Employer Organization (PEO) – Your Employer can use a PEO to hire you as an Employee and provide you with wage/benefits.
  • Setting up an Indian subsidiary – Your Canadian Employer can setup an Indian subsidiary and pay you in Indian Rupees. Note that this be a very complicated process as your Employer might not be familiar with local laws and regulations.
  • Contractor (recommended) – Instead of working as an Employee, you might be able to negotiate yourself as a contractor for the company and get paid in Canadian Dollars. Your bank will automatically convert the Canadian Dollars into Rupees once it’s wired into your account or if you want you can setup a Canadian Bank Account (either through your bank or using a service like Transferwise).

7 thoughts on “Can I Work Remotely For A Canadian Company From India?

    1. That isn’t always the case.
      If you are residing in India then you will need to file taxes in India only.
      However the exact tax situation will vary from person to person.
      I would need more details to know if you need to file tax returns in both countries.

    2. As what I know , there’s 180 day rule, where after that you are considered resident of other country from where you are working from and you need to pay them the taxes, as per in India.

  1. Hi, I am working in Canada and had applied for a PNP and is in process. However, my work permit expires in March and according to the new policy, I cannot extend it.

    Even if I get the PNP, I need to apply for a WSL letter and then apply for a bridged work permit which can go well past March.

    Can I in this case able to work remotely from India?

    1. Yes, if your Employer lets you work remote from India then there shouldn’t be any issue. If you have Indian citizenship or permanent residence then you have unrestricted right to work in India.

      You might have some tax implications though where you pay tax in India as well.

      I would have tried to setup a contract based role to keep my income separate for that period.

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