Using Webber Naturals Ashwagandha To Reduce Stress And Anxiety!

When I started having stress and anxiety in the recent years, I started looking for supplements that might help with it. I noticed that Costco was selling a product to help reduce stress and anxiety called Ashwagandha. I wasn’t sure at first but after noticing that the product had ‘Clinically studied’ on it, I wanted to give it a try as my stress and anxiety levels were bothering me quite a lot on daily basis.

Costco sells Webber Naturals Ashwagandha for about CAD $20 though sometimes you can get it at a discount. You get 120 vegetarian capsules in a bottle and each capsule contains 3600 mg of KSM-66 (Ashwagandha).

Ashwagandha Capsules by Webber Naturals

I have been primarily using this product for Stress and Anxiety but there are some other benefits of using Ashwagandha as well. The product claims to help with the following –

  • Increase your resistance to stress and anxiety
  • Improving physical performance in both genders
  • Promoting healthy testosterone production in men
  • Sports recovery

Webber Naturals Ashwagandha Product Review
I started with 1 capsule per day usually when I felt stressed out and started noticing some improvement in my health after a few days. It does take some time for the pills to take effect, so I try to take the pill early in the morning or before I start to feel worse due to my stress. After using it for a few months, and noticing no side effects I have started taking Ashwagandha 2-times once in the day and once before sleeping.

I am happy to say that Ashwagandha (Webber Naturals) has really helped me get my life back as my stress levels are in control now. I used to have heart palpitations before because of stress/anxiety but since I started taking pills, I haven’t noticed much. Also there was a time when I would have hard time sleeping but taking this pill before going to sleep has helped me resolve it. This has been a really great product for me and I recommend it!

Rating – 10/10

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