How To Exchange Your US Driver’s License for Canadian License (Ontario)?

Did you know that if you have a US Driving License; you can simply get it exchanged for a Canadian Driving License (Ontario)! If you meet all the requirements, you would not to give a driving test either (just vision!)

Where to exchange US Driver’s License?
Here is the process for exchanging your US license for an Ontario Driving License. Just go into any Service Ontario office with your US license and let them know you would like to exchange it for an Ontario Driving License.

Documents required
You will be asked to provide the following documents –

  • Unexpired US Driving License
  • US Driving History – You can get this from your state’s DMV
  • Proof that you completed more than two years of driving in the US
  • Valid Photo ID – Could be passport/

What if you don’t have more than 2 years of US Driving experience?
Depending on how many years you have driven in the United States, they will issue you either a G2 License or a G License.

A Full Driving License (Commonly known as G License) can be only obtained if you have completed more than 2 years of driving in the United States.

What if my US Driving License expired?
It would be up-to the discretion of the officer to issue you an Ontario Driving License. If you meet the other requirements for example – recent driving history, you should be fine!

What if I lost my most recent US Driving License?
Your application can still be processed if you have your prior US driving license (expired) and would be required to fill in a form that you lost your US Driving License at Service Ontario.

Do driving points transfer from US driving license to Ontario?
Driving points usually DO NOT get transferred from your US driving license to your new Ontario License. Your driving history will be assessed and if Ontario has a treaty recognizing points from a US state only then they will get transferred. A Service Ontario officer would be able to advise you if your driving points will get transferred from your State or not.

2 thoughts on “How To Exchange Your US Driver’s License for Canadian License (Ontario)?”

  1. My U.S license expired 2022. but, because of the pandemic, What is the time limit to change my license?

    • You can still go in and get it changed to an Ontario or Quebec license.
      For Quebec usually you need to call them in advance and book an appointment.

      If you are caught with an expired license while driving you can get penalties now; so you should exchange it as soon as possible.


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