How To Write Proof Of Income Letter For Housing In Canada?

If you are looking to apply for housing, most landlords or apartments will ask you to provide them with a proof of income letter from the employer.

I have listed the requirements below that usually landlords/apartments look for while reviewing a person’s income.

Get the letter on company letterhead!
Make sure to get the letter on the company’s letterhead. A letterhead usually consists of the company’s logo, name, address, and contact information.

Employer Name
Don’t forget to include the name of the company that you work for!

Employer Contact Details
This could be your manager or someone from HR whom the property agent can contact if they need to verify your employment. Contact details will include – Person’s name; Phone number; Email address.

Employee Name
Make sure to have your name listed on the letter! Otherwise, your application is going to end up being rejected!

Your Monthly/Annual Income
You should have the amount that you earn on a monthly or annual basis listed on your letter! If getting paid in US Dollars or currency other than Canadian Dollars, it might be better to have it clearly mentioned as the person reviewing the letter might not notice. If possible get the amount written in Canadian Dollars straight away!

Job Title
It’s good to have a job title listed in the letter even though the focus is mainly on the income that you would be making as part of your employment.

Employment Period
You should have the employment period listed in your letter or if you haven’t started yet then the start date must be listed.

Sample Proof of Income Letter
Here is a sample employment letter that you can use –
<Employer Name>
<Employer Address>
<Employer Phone>
To whom it may concern,
<Your Name> has been employed full-time with <Employer Name> since <Date> and has been working as <Job Title>. <Your Name> gross monthly compensation is <Your income> Dollars.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact <HR contact details>

The above sample letter should be sufficient to apply for rental applications. You can always ask the landlord/agent if they have any additional requirements.

Get your proof of income letter translated in French!
If you are applying for housing in Quebec or New Brunswick, you might need to have the letter in French if the landlord or agent does not speak English. If your employer can’t provide the letter in French, you can get the documents translated and provide the translated document with the original document.

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