Can I Work For An Indian Company From Canada?

Yes, it’s possible to work for an Indian company from Canada. There are a number of reasons why you might want to work for an Indian company (based in India) –

  • You might be looking to move to Canada and don’t have a job in Canada already. This comes out as the primary reason why people might want to continue with their Job till they figure out their economic situation after moving to Canada.
  • You might have a higher paying job and want to retain it. While median salaries in India are a fraction of what you can get paid in Canada, that is not true for the top jobs in the private sector.
  • You might be interested in getting exposure to a different geographic/cultural setting. Even though you might be working remote from Canada, sometimes people seek temporary jobs or internships to get that exposure.

Finding a new job can be difficult
While it is possible, it would be very difficult to find an Indian Company since there are usually too many applicants in India for a job and unless you have a very specific set of skills or working with an international organization that provides remote internships/jobs. There might be a few companies who are looking to hire people internationally to have global coverage.

Permission from Company for working remotely from outside India
You will need to let the company know that you would be working remotely. Sometimes there are legal aspects to be considered while you work remote as there might be sensitive information that you deal with at work that is subject to export regulations.

Difference in Time Zones is Day and Night
If you would be working remotely in Canada for an Indian Company then for most of the jobs, you might have to work at night times because there is a 12-hour time zone difference between India and Canada. This can be really problematic as you would be working during the night and sleeping during the day. A lot of people end up getting burnt out over long-term for this reason.

If you could ask the company to accommodate for the time zone difference that can make things a lot easier for you. This might not be possible for a lot of the remote jobs but is still worth asking.

Beware of Taxes
Once you become a resident of Canada, you might have to file taxes in both India and Canada. This can vary depending on the individual’s situation and can also be a little tricky to navigate through. The best thing for you would be to check the tax laws or a tax advisor when you file your taxes.

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