Fun Things That You Can Do At The St-Tite Western Festival!

Saint-Tite Western Festival (also known as Festival Western de Saint-Tite) is one of the largest rodeo events in North America, the others being the Calgary Stampede and Houston Rodeo.

The festival takes place in St Tite spanning a duration of 10 days during the month of September. There is just so much to do at the Festival that many people prefer to camp nearby and go there everyday of the festival!

Here is how you can spend your day at the St Tite Western Festival –

Learn Country Dancing!

Throughout the venue, there are multiple dance floors where you will see artists and bands perform live country music in French as well as English! You will see people dancing so feel free to join them and learn some country line dancing! There are also separate dancing lessons that happen throughout the day.

Country Dancing at St Tite Western Festival

Party Bike Tour!

Grab yourself a drink and pedal with your friends on the Pedal Pub Bike! Think of it as the country’s version of the Party Bus! Drinking in public is allowed at the Festival. You can even bring your own alcohol.

Pedal hopping

Shop for Western Clothing

If you have been looking for western hats, shirts, jeans or boots, you will be able to find numerous stores within the venue where they are selling Western clothing. While some of the shops sell off-branded stuff, you will see branded stuff as well.

Western Clothing Store

Play Paintball!

Up for a challenge? Play Paintball with your friends and see who scores the most. You might win a prize depending on how well you score! There are many games similar to this around the venue.


Beautiful Art at St Tite

You will see Quebec’s/Canada’s talent selling their art. This could be an opportunity if you are looking to decorate your house or office space.

Paintings and Arts

Free Massage!

There are some shops selling body massage tools and they will let you try out their product for free! So if you are feeling tired, you should definitely head there for a relaxing massage!

Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

For a price you can take a ride that takes you through the small town of St Tite. These rides are suitable for couples or even large families! Some couples even do their ceremony at the festival and use these carriage rides.

Horse drawn carriage tour

Horse Rides

If you love horses then why not take a horse ride at St Tite! This might be more suitable for experienced people. You might need to register early in the morning for the event.

Horse Rides

5D Attractions

Unique mobile truck that offers you an immersive experience with a combination of 3D imaging and sensory effects (vibration/rain/foam). You can even take your kids on this ride with you!

5D ride

Electric Bikes Store

The festival has kept up with modern times! Some stores are selling electric bikes and you might be able to get them at a discount! There are other automobiles, trailers to view and try as well!

E-bikes store

Play and win Freebies!

There are a number of big companies that have setup their stores/showrooms and have games and competitions where they let you win freebies. Some even have draws for winning grand prizes like a car or house! There are fun activities for both adults and kids.

Ford racing challenge

Try some jerky!

If you haven’t tried Quebec’s jerky, you will see some stalls selling jerky. You can also get to try the product before buying. There are many other stalls to try other different food products as well

Mitch Jerky

Eat BBQ Food!

The quality of the food at the stalls is decent and the prices are reasonable. If you are at the festival, you should definitely try out some BBQ!

Pat BBQ’s

Even Pet Food is there!

Don’t be surprised if you see stalls selling pet food and supplements! Not only are they selling dry food but you can also buy frozen food for your cats/dogs! Pet food is primarily focused more towards Dogs but you will find a few products for cats and other pets as well.

Pur Evolution Pet Food and Supplements!

Ride the Mechanical Bull!

While you won’t be able to ride a real bull at the festival, you can still try out what it’s like riding with a Mechanical Bull! You might be able to watch real bull riding at the Festival’s rodeo event though!

Mechanical Bull rides

Buy sexy clothing!

Don’t be surprised! You will find all sorts of stores at the Western Festival. If you want to make yourself look good and sexy, you will find stalls selling you that kind of stuff!

Clothing stall

Fine Chocolate!

It might be worth trying out Quebec chocolate at the Western Festival. If you are looking for specialty chocolate for yourself or as gifts, you are definitely going to find some at the Festival.

Andre Shott Chocolatier

Ice Cream Experience!

You will find just so many stores selling you ice-cream and even bubble tea at the Festival. It’s going to be warm during the day so why not have some ice cream?

Ice cream store

You will find that there are tons of things to do at the Western Festival of St-Tite! Whether you are into shopping, or enjoy activities, you will find something at the Festival that suits your interests!

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