98lala Noodles Is The Best Chinese Noodles Restaurant in Ottawa!

A while ago while I was browsing through Instagram, I came across a video about dan dan noodles which led me to search for dan dan noodle spots near me. That’s how I came to know about 98lala Noodles which is located close to the Byward Market area.

And since that visit, it has become one of my favorite go to spots! Not only are the noodles just amazing but also I have found the items on their menu to be of great value compared to other restaurants. Appetizers are priced around $5 while their mains (noodles) are priced between $13-17.

Dan Dan Noodles

Experience Dan Dan Noodles at 98lala Noodles!

Despite having a large number of Chinese restaurants in Ottawa, you will find Dan Dan Noodles only at a few spots, 98Lala Noodles is one of them.

You can go either with round or flat noodles and in case you don’t like spicy food, you can let the server know that you want a less spicy broth. I decided to go with the highest spice level on my recent visit and found it still very delicious! I would recommend that you go with their spiciest version as well!

One thing that makes 98LaLa Noodles so special is that the broth that they actually serve is cooked for about a day and utilizes large amounts of beef and chicken. The flavors are then enhanced with a variety of spices that just make their broth absolutely delicious!

About 98lala Noodles

  • Chinese cuisine
  • Casual Dining Experience
  • Affordable prices
  • Large quantities
  • Variety of noodles
  • Street parking

Service at 98lala Noodles

Service at the place is fast enough even if you are in large groups. It didn’t take us too long to get our dishes and appetizers for a party of six. Unlike some other restaurants in downtown which want you to leave as soon as you are finished with your meal, I didn’t notice any kind of issues with this restaurant.

Hot and Sour Noodles

Address: 179 George St, Ottawa, ON K1N 1J8

Business website: https://lala-noodle.com/

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