Spicy Rice Noodles In Ottawa At Yunshang Rice Noodle!

I think I have found another restaurant that I will be visiting often in Ottawa! The restaurant is called Yunshang Rice Noodle and it’s a Yunan (Chinese) cuisine restaurant. It’s a small chain of restaurants founded in Toronto but now has a restaurant in Ottawa as well!

Spicy Rice Noodles at Yunshang Rice Noodle

I was specifically attracted by their special for the day where they were offering their Signature Rice Noodles for only $6 when they are usually priced at $14. I also ordered some additional slices of Beef that I wanted to have with my rice noodle.

Service is quite fast here and my order came within 5-10 minutes. My order of Spicy Rice Noodles consisted of a boiling pot of broth, rice noodles as well as a plate consisting of assorted seafood, vegetables, as well as meat sauce.

Eating rice noodles with meat sauce

How to eat rice noodles?

People have different approaches to eating rice noodles but here is one way –

  • Put all the vegetables/seafood/meat except meat sauce in the boiling broth.
  • Put the rice noodles afterwards
  • Wait a few minutes till everything in the pot is cooked.
  • Using fork/chopsticks, take some of the cooked stuff out in another bowl.
  • Take a little bit of meat sauce and eat it with your meal!

I think the Spicy Rice Noodles turned out to be great and is probably one of the best Chinese noodles I have had in Ottawa! If you are not into spice, they do have an original (non-spicy) as well as tomato flavored broth!

This place is really good and would be something I would recommend anyone to go to!

Address: 275 Bank St Unit 101, Ottawa, ON K2P 2L6

Rating – 9/10

Business website: https://yunshang.ca/

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