Fun Sunday Night At Albert’s Schloss Manchester!

Don’t head to a night club on a Sunday Night in Manchester! Even if the venue is not busy, they will charge you a cover, sometimes even ask to pay for a whole table! Instead try heading out Albert’s Schloss in Manchester which turns into a dance bar late into the night! You will need to have a valid piece of ID to enter the venue.

They do have music before 9 pm however later into the night, they also have a DJ playing different genres of music. You will see a lot of people dancing on top of the benches (you are not allowed to dance on the tables!)

The place also has a patio though relatively small and it can be hard to get yourself some space there. I also noticed they have a photobooth downstairs which appeared to be busy through the night.

Alberts Schloss Manchester

The venue is quite massive! They have a huge bar and it doesn’t take long to get served! The drinks are moderately priced, however I would recommend that you start drinking at one of the cheaper bars close by and then head here with your mates!

If you are on your own then I recommend you to checkout this place instead of a night club not only because it has free entry but also I ended up actually making a lot of friends during the night. There is loud music but you can still have a chat with the folks!

Just be cautious of your belongings while you are here as I noticed people losing their stuff and also some people getting kicked out for other reasons.

Address: 27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

Rating: 9/10

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