Ultimate Rock Music Experience At Satans Hollow Manchester!

I have never really been to a proper Rock Music venue ever! But recently I ended up meeting a friend of mine who recommended that we head to this place called Satans Hollow. Satans Hollow is an exclusive Rock/Metal venue. Apparently, this place is quite popular and people from other cities far away from Manchester head to this place.

As soon as you enter the venue, you will notice that it has a bit of a dark theme and I think the owners of the establishment have tried to present it like you are in Hell. There are multiple large rooms at the venue. While some of them are as small as a bedroom and are suitable for a small party, the others were really large. There are different statues/paintings/sculptures everywhere you go!

Satans Hollow Manchester

I found one of the large rooms quite humid and felt like I was in a forest. I think it was some kind of theme but could just be everyone sweating lol. You will also notice that some of the people are wearing costumes. I didn’t notice any mosh pit so I think people are usually quite respectful of your space during the night.

This could be an awesome place to end your night with your friends. Drinks are reasonably prices and the atmosphere is good. There is an entrance charge of GBP 5 but is quite reasonable for the experience you will have at the venue.

I didn’t know any of the songs that were being played but I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the venue. Also you will notice that a lot of people vape inside the venue, they even a vape vending machine! something I have never noticed before in clubs in North America.

Address: 101 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD, United Kingdom

Rating – 9/10

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