Piping Hot Food Delivered From Melt Diner Manchester!

This is one of the first time I have felt that the food has been delivered to me real hot! Usually when I have ordered using Uber or other delivery services out there, the food usually comes out warm or sometimes cold. However I was surprised when I received my delivery from Melt! I think it has to do with the restaurant using foil instead of paper/plastic wrappers for their food items which helps keep the food hot for a long time.

Not only was I happy with how hot my food was but also the burgers that I ordered turned out to be great! One of them was called the MeltDown Burger which consisted of Beef Patties and the other one was their Grilled Chicken Burger which contained chicken filet. I think I liked the Beef Burger a bit more than the Chicken Burger.

Beef Burger and Chicken Burger From Melt

Melt is known not for their sandwiches but also their shakes. I couldn’t try their shakes out cause I am currently caffeine intolerant but I would love to go to this spot sometime and try it out again! Highly recommend ordering from this place if you are looking to get food delivered hot 🙂

Address: 704 Wilmslow Rd, Didsbury, Manchester M20 2DW, United Kingdom

Rating – 9/10

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