How To Get Free Adult Vaccinations In Quebec?

Turns out even though Quebec has a public healthcare system, if you go to the pharmacy to get vaccinations, you might end up paying a lot of money for it. I just had that experience when I had to pay over $200 for just a single vaccine!

However, turns out that you might be eligible to get certain vaccinations for free if you just look up online through the health portal as they are sometimes being offered at certain pharmacies and hospitals.

As example, when I searched for Adult Vaccinations on Clic Sante portal, the first pharmacy that showed up had vaccinations available only with fees.

Paid Vaccinations

However I was able to find another place not too far away from me where certain vaccinations were available without fees.

Vaccinations with No Fees

You can save a lot of money especially if you have other family needs who need to be vaccinated as well and don’t have a private insurance that covers the cost of getting vaccinated!

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