Free Private Party Room At Pub 101 In Ottawa

A lot of places in Ottawa ask you to put a deposit; and sometimes even ask you to pay in advance for the room but not this one! Pub 101 located in the Byward Market area actually has a large room upstairs that can be used for private events and you can easily fit 50 people!

The room is equipped with all the basic stuff that you would need for your party, there is a lot of seating space as well as standing space. A small bar to order drinks and food. Also there are party lights and large TV screen that could be possibly used for your event.

Photo: Private Party Room at Restaurant Pub 101 In Ottawa

There is a small stage as well with a large TV screen and speakers that sometimes people setup for music performance or Karaoke events! You could even use that for teaching dancing maybe!

Photo: Pub 101 stage

Reserving Your Room

To reserve the space you would need to contact them through their website, call them or send them out an email. You should get a confirmation same-day as well. There are no charges and no deposit is required! Isn’t that wonderful? Just make sure that you do your reservation at least a few days in advance as sometimes they have other events being hosted there.

Also Pub 101 serves their own food and drinks so if you are planning to bring something other than a cake, you might need their permission.

Benefits of booking with Pub 101

  • Reservation is free (unlike other places that charge or have deposits)
  • Large space can easily have 20-80 people
  • Cheap drinks
  • Affordable food options
  • Meat and vegan options (wings, salads, burger)
  • TVs and Large Sound Speakers
  • Room fitted with strobe lights
  • Private Bar with stools
  • Lots of seating capacity and standing floor space

About Pub 101

Pub 101 is an easygoing bar with a patio and is located in the byward market which makes it a great spot for bar hoppers. Pub 101 hosts occasional Karaoke and Comedy nights and their most popular food item is their Wings.

Contact Pub 101

Address: 101 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 8Y3
Phone: +1 613-562-4665
Business website:

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