A Visit To Battures Green Beach in Gatineau

Battures Green – Gatineau, QC J8P 7C2

Known only among the locals, Battures Green is a beach consisting of coarse sediments and and is located alongside Boulevard Hurtubise. This place is a hidden gem if you are looking for quiet and relaxing place with a beautiful view.

Ideal to visit during Summers, it’s a nice spot to have picnic with your friends or family. Parking is free however just be careful as some of the area alongside the beach is privately owned.

Battures Green Beach

I had to wear my jacket as it was quite windy when I went to checkout this place! You might see other families doing their picnics alongside the area as well sometimes however the place is relatively calm and barely attracts tourists.

You might end up seeing seaplanes around the area as well and if you are not familiar with the term, they are aircrafts that are capable of taking off/landing on water.

Also if you didn’t knew, you can see Ottawa over the other side of the River! Though I won’t say that the views are spectacular, they are definitely relaxing! 🙂

Ottawa River Map

If you don’t have much to do and are looking for something to do in Gatineau, it’s worth checking out Battures Green!

5 Places For Latin Dancing Lessons In Ottawa!

Ritmo Bailey Salsa Night

Ottawa has a number of dance studios and bars where you can learn Latin Dancing. Not only do you get to learn and exercise while dancing but also it’s a great way to meet new people in the city!

Here are some places in Ottawa that offer Dance lessons –

Ritmo Bailey

Address: 12 Byward Market Square, Ottawa, ON K1N 9C3
Business website: https://www.ritmobaileottawa.com/

Ritmo Bailey Dance School

Located conveniently in the Byward Market area, Ritmo Bailey is a good spot for dance lessons. While the place itself doesn’t serve any drinks, I like the fact that there are a number of bars and restaurants located nearby.

  • Variety of Latin dance lessons throughout the weekly.
  • Attracts a mixed demographic.
  • No alcohol or food served. (The water dispenser is there!)
  • Has Latin dance socials on weekends as well.

University of Ottawa Salsa Club

Address: University Centre 85 University Private, Ottawa, ON, K1N 9A7
Business website: https://uosalsa.wixsite.com/uosalsa

University of Ottawa Salsa Club

University’s Salsa Club is one of the biggest dance groups in Ottawa and has events regularly on a weekly basis. The event is open to everyone and there is a small fee for attending the lessons and the socials.

  • UOSalsa club provides same-day lessons for both salsa and bachata.
  • There are lessons for beginners as well as experts.
  • The lessons can get quite busy however the socials are less crowded.
  • Attracts primarily younger demographics.
  • LGBT friendly crowd.
  • Lessons are very affordable
  • Events usually happen on a Tuesday.

Mill Street Brewery

Address: 555 Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1R 1C5
Business website: https://millstreetbrewery.com/

Mill Street Brew Pub

Mill Street Brewery has weekly salsa nights which include lessons followed by social. The Brewery is one of the few places where not only you can get food and drinks but they also have a decent amount of dance floor for the lessons.

  • Targeted more towards beginner-intermediate level folks.
  • Different instructors every week.
  • Attracts a mixed demographic.
  • Lessons usually take place on a Monday.


Address: 858 Merivale Rd, Ottawa, ON K1Z 5Z4

Amigos Sports Bar

While popularly known as a Dive Bar, Amigos has a large dance floor where they do weekly Latin Dancing lessons. The place does a beginner dance workshop before their socials and is relatively more affordable than other places that offer dance lessons.

  • 10 minutes away from downtown Ottawa.
  • Lessons are usually on a Tuesday.
  • Attracts a mixed demographic.
  • Has pool tables, musical jukebox and slot machines.
  • Drinks can be purchased but no food.
  • Affordable lessons

Studio X

Address: 250 City Centre Ave Bay 122, Ottawa, ON K1R 1C7
Business website: https://www.studioxottawa.com/

Salsa at Studio X

Studio X is another Dance studio that offers a variety of Latin dancing lessons. While I found the dance lessons to be great, they are relatively more expensive than other places that I have been to.

  • Offers lessons on different types of Latin dancing.
  • Attracts more intermediate level folks.
  • Lessons can be quite pricey if you are paying at the door.
  • No alcohol or food is served at the venue.

Here are some tips before you head for your Latin dancing lessons! –

  • Make sure you are going to lessons at your level of comfort! If you are new to Latin Dancing, it is recommended that you go for beginner lessons to have a good foundation and only later try practicing advanced moves.
  • In Latin Dancing, people usually dance in pairs which involves a lead and a follower, with the lead usually expected to know the moves. It’s a bit easier to be a follower than to be a lead.
  • Do carry cash with you as some places might only be accepting cash as payment and charge you additional fees for paying with a credit card.
  • Check if the event is still happening! Sometimes the venue changes the dates or the type of lessons before the event takes place so check their Facebook or Instagram if they are still doing the lessons.

Beginner’s Guide To Skiing At Sommet Edelweiss Ski Resort

Sommet Edelweiss Ski Resort

Sommet Edelweiss is a ski resort located not too from the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Depending on where you live in the Ottawa metro, it could be anywhere between a 30-45 minute drive.

In this guide, I have tried to provide all the necessary information that you might need to begin skiing at Sommet Edelweiss.

What To Wear For Skiing?

People wearing winter clothing and with their ski gear at Edelweiss

The conditions at the Summit are not only just cold but windy as well, so I recommend that before you head there, you are wearing proper winter clothing. Here is what you should be wearing –

  • A balaclava or neck warmer
  • Thermal tops and pants – Warm innerwear
  • Cold weather socks
  • Ski pants – These are waterproof/windproof lined pants
  • Windproof/Waterproof Winter Jacket
  • Windproof/Winterproof gloves
  • Sunscreen for your face
HotHands hand warmers in gloves

Some gloves have pockets for handwarmers to be placed. This can help keep your gloves warm during cold weather for a few hours while you are skiing.

A head warmer like a beanie won’t be needed if you are wearing a helmet.

Do I Need To Have My Own Ski Gear?

It is possible to rent ski gear from the ski resort. Unless you are planning to take skiing as a hobby, I do not recommend that you buy your ski gear. For a one-time event, it is a lot cheaper to just rent ski gear from the resort.

Your ski gear should consist of –

  • Pair of skis
  • Ski boots
  • Helmet – It is recommended that you wear one for safety
  • Ski Poles (Optional)

Unless you are going for the fast moving slopes, you won’t need to have ski goggles. Though they can also help you if it’s going to be sunny.

Photo: people wearing their ski gear

Before handing your skis, the staff working at Edelweiss are going to adjust the skis based on your weight and height. Make sure that the height/weight information that they have about you on file is correct. If you own your ski gear then the staff can do the tune-ups for a fee.

Make sure that your ski boots are fastened properly. If the boots are too loose then there is a chance that your feet might come out while skiing and there is a higher risk of injuring yourself as well.

Lockers at Edelweiss resort

There are lockers available at Edelweiss Ski Resort and if you plan to use them I recommend that you bring dollar coins with you to lock your stuff. I didn’t have any coins with me so I just put my stuff without locking it up and noticed a lot of other people were doing the same.

Is It Worth Going For Ski Lessons?

Yes, if you have never skied before or are new to skiing, then it is recommended that you sign up for ski lessons. I personally found the ski lessons very useful. I have done skiing before without an instructor and found it quite hard and scary, however when I did it with the instructor, it was much easier and I wasn’t terrified like before.

Instructor teaching how to go downhill

Here is what beginner ski lessons will teach you –

  • Going uphill with your skis
  • Coming down safely
  • How to get up with your skis
  • How to change direction
  • How to slow down and turn
  • How to stop

Even if you are in a group, the instructors are able to give you individual attention.

Do I Have To Make Reservations?

It is recommended that you book your rental/classes in advance. This can be done by calling the resort a few days before your visit. During peak season, there can be really long lines at guest services.

If you do not book your lessons, you might be able to join other classes on arrival or if there are instructors available for your group.

Busy day at Summit Edelweiss

Is There Any Restaurant At Sommet Edelweiss?

Yes, they do have hot food and drinks available. I found the food relatively affordable compared to other restaurants in the region which can be quite pricey.

The cafeteria has the following items: hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, fries, poutine. Menu items might change depending on timing and season.

Restaurant Edelweiss

Additional Information

  • Pricing: 2 hour lessons with rental will cost about $100 per adult.
  • You can also take snowboarding lessons
  • Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your rental/lessons begin
  • It might be a good idea to moisturize your hands/face beforehand.
  • Parking is free at the resort
  • The official website for advanced bookings is Sommets.

Address: 538 Ch Edelweiss, Wakefield, QC J0X 3G0

Salsa Dancing In Ottawa At Amigos!

While at first glance, Amigos might seem like a typical sports bar, it offers much more than meets the eye. As you step inside, you’ll encounter a dive bar-like atmosphere, and just beside it, there’s a hall that transforms into a lively Salsa dancing spot!

Timings and Ideal Hours

Usually the salsa dancing events happen on a Tuesday however occasionally Amigos might host additional Latin dance events on the weekend.

Dance lessons for the event usually start around 7:30 pm. Their peak time however is around 9-10pm on a Tuesday night and the place can get very crowded!

There are other salsa dancing places in Ottawa to consider if Tuesdays at Amigos doesn’t work for you.

Cover Charges and Entry Fees

There might be a cover involved at this venue. On my last visit, I paid around $10 which seemed reasonable as it had good music and crowd.

Sometimes, when I have showed up late, there wasn’t any cover involved however when I have showed up early I have had to pay an entry fee.

Dance Lessons

The event usually starts with intermediate level dance lessons followed by the social where you are free to practice your moves and dance with people.

I would recommend the dance lessons if you have never danced to salsa before as they can help you later in the night during the social.

The Crowd

Usually for the Salsa Night, the event attracts a mixed crowd. While it’s primarily younger demographic, you would definitely see older crowd as well at the venue.

Don’t be surprised or intimidated to see well experienced people dancing during the event.

Genre of Music

Since they are doing Salsa Nights on Tuesdays, the venue primarily plays Salsa Music. After every few songs, they try to switch to Bachata as well.

During the night, sometimes the DJ might end up playing other genres like Reggaeton and Merengue as well.

Salsa Dancing at Amigos Ottawa

Entertainment at Amigos Sports Bar

If you don’t feel like dancing, you can always head to their dive bar area where they have a bunch of pool tables, slot machines as well as juke box machine!

Make sure to bring some change with you as the pool tables are not free. You might be able to obtain change from the server.

They also have a few TV screens if you are a sports fan!

Unfortunately Amigos doesn’t serve food but you are free to order food from other venues and bring it to the bar. Usually you will see people order food from Domino’s Pizza.

Pool Tables at Amigos

Social Hangouts at Amigos

I think this could be a really good place to have a social event! There are a bunch of things to do at the Sports Bar to keep everyone entertained! They also have a decent sized patio as well.

Address: 858 Merivale Rd, Ottawa, ON K1Z 5Z4

Rating – 8/10

Hot Duck Wings And Indoor Golf At Mulligans Golf Bar!

Whether it’s too hot, raining, or snowing, you can still play Golf in Ottawa whenever you want really! Mulligans Golf Bar offers Indoor Golf Simulators where you can rent a bay and play golf in a very comfortable, air conditioned area! The bar is located right in the downtown Ottawa area on Queen Street.

Each Bay has an Indoor golf simulator that has a big flat screen, a small floor where you put your golf ball and hit it using an actual Golf Club! Using the cameras in the Bay, the simulator is able to detect the speed, and direction of the ball and is able show you on the screen where the ball went!

Play indoor golf at Mulligans Golf Bar

While the Bays are usually used for playing indoor Golf, you can also watch movies or play videos as well! This might be useful if you are having a private event for work related purposes or want to watch some special sports event.

While it’s fun playing Golf at this place, I wasn’t impressed with the food. I had ordered Hot Duck Wings and while they were cooked properly, I didn’t find the flavor that enjoyable. So my recommendation would be to eat at another place and then head to Mulligans!

If you have your own Golf Club at home, then you should bring it as the place charges you extra for renting Golf Clubs! You can save quite a bit of money if you plan to go to play regularly at this place!

Address: 201 Queen St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5C9, Canada

Rating: 8/10

Business website: https://mulligansgolfbar.com/

Late Night Latin Dancing At Latinos Resto Bar!

There are a couple of places in Ottawa that only start to get busy really late into the night! Latinos Resto Bar is one of them where you will start to see people coming in when it’s close to midnight! I have been to this place a few times now on weekend and that appears to be always be the case. If you came here early and notice only a few people, don’t worry – it will get busy for sure late in the night.

While entrance is usually free, a cover charge of $5/$10 might apply on certain days for this place.

The drinks are priced alright as well. I ended up ordering a pitcher and that was more than enough to get two people buzzed. Even though it felt like it didn’t have alcohol, it actually had a real good amount in it! So be careful!

The venue plays Salsa, Bachata and Merengue mostly however they might play a little of Carribean/Reggeaton music as well during the night. The last time I was there, there were people playing chess late at night and also people doing karaoke as well for a while!

Friday Night At Latinos Resto Bar

This is one of the few places in Ottawa which attracts a lot of regulars so don’t be surprised if you see people just walking in and knowing everyone in the bar! Atmosphere is friendly in general.

If you are looking for a free place to dance, then you should definitely checkout Latinos Resto Bar. Highly recommend this place if you are with a group. If you come early it won’t be hard to find seating for a large group.

Address: 665 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON K1S 4E7

Business website: https://latinosrestobarottawaon.com/

Salsa Dance Lessons In Ottawa At Rahim Salsa!

Looking for something to do during night time in Ottawa? Maybe you can try out Latin Dancing at this Community Center that turns into a Dance Studio on weekends!

The Dance Studio is called Rahim Salsa and offers Latin Dancing Lessons which can cover different variations of Latin Dancing like Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. The most simple one out of these and the one that I personally enjoy is Bachata. Anyone can learn the basics in less than 30 minutes compared to Salsa and Bachata which can be a bit more hard to lead/follow.

Salsa Dancing at Rahim Salsa

There is a charge of $10-15 depending on the night however if you are coming late then you might be able to negotiate a discounted rate of $5.

If you have never done Salsa before; I recommend that you come up early as that’s when the beginners arrive and as the night proceeds, the lessons get more advanced followed by a social where you can practice whatever you have learned.

Something that I didn’t like about the venue was that there is no alcohol as it’s a dance studio. So it might be a good idea to do pre-drinking before you head there 🙂

Don’t be afraid if someone asks you to dance or you want to ask someone to dance. There will be a lot of really good dancers there and they can help you get better with Latin dancing!

Rating : 7/10

Address: 275 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 0H8

5 Pin Bowling Experience At West Parking Bowling In Ottawa!

Didn’t even know that 5-pin bowling existed until recently! Turns out it’s quite a popular variant of bowling in Canada. Unlike regular bowling where there are 10-pins, there are 5-pins in 5-pin bowling and also the bowling balls are a lot smaller than the regular bowling balls.

There are a number of bowling alleys in Ottawa however the West Parking Bowling is one of the closest ones from the downtown area. Pricing starts at $6.50 per game per person but there might be discounts for seniors and kids.

We had a part of about 5 people and even though it was a busy weekend, it didn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to get ourselves a lane without any reservation! Service was also quick and it didn’t take us too long to get our drinks.

West Parking Bowling

This venue reminded me like it was a bowling alley from the 90s. It has a great vibe and if you are looking for things to do with your buddies or even dates then you should definitely head out there!

Rating – 8/10

Address: 1205 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Z8

Playing Billiards At Orange Monkey Bar!

If you are looking for things to do with your friends in Ottawa then you might want to head down to Orange Monkey Bar, grab some drinks and play pool with your buddies!

While the entrance of the pool is a single door, you would surprised on how much big this pool hall is and is an ideal spot for a big group to hangout. You don’t need reservations and can easily bring in more than a dozen people.

The venue does have a dive bar feel when you enter and features a bar with more than enough seating. I have been to the place a couple of times and have never seen it packed. Drinks are affordable as well starting around 5 bucks.

The Bar

I personally have enjoyed coming to the venue and play pool with my buddies with no issues. I do feel that the tables get a bit pricey as the venue charges per person as well as based on the time spent. The venue also features those jukebox machines so you are able to play songs at the venue for a small price.

Pool Tables

They do have some other game machines as well if you are interested. I saw a couple of pinball arcade bars besides the bar.

Pinball Arcade

If you are around the area, this could be the perfect spot to end the night. Play your favorite tunes and play billiards with your buddies!

Rating: 8/10!

Address: 250 City Centre Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6K7