How To Change Address In Quebec?

If you have recently moved in the Province of Quebec, you will need to notify the following authorities as soon as possible

  • Government of Canada
  • Government of Quebec
  • The Banks
  • Your Employer
  • Canada Post
  • Subscriptions and Utilities Providers

Update your address with the Government of Canada (Federal)
This can be done either by calling them at Service Canada or by using the Service Canada Portal. I would recommend to go with the online portal as it’s very easy to use and you don’t have to wait a long time on the phone. To be able to use the service you would need to setup a My Service Canada account.

Link to Service Canada –

Update your address with the Government of Quebec (Provincial)
The easiest way to update your address after moving is to use the online service that is offered by Quebec. It’s called SQCA (Service québécois de changement d’adresse) and is a one stop portal to update and notify different government departments regarding your address change.

Link to the Change of Address service for Quebec –

Update your banks and other financial service providers
There isn’t a one stop portal to do this however you would need to let whichever bank/credit card provider that you are signed up with that you have changed your address.

Update your address with your Employer
A lot of people forget to notify their employers of an address change and this causes their important documents like tax and benefits to be sent at the wrong address.

Update your address with Canada Post
Canada Post offers a mail forwarding service that you can utilize. There is a fee for using the service but if you are expecting to receive important mails, then it is recommended that you sign up for it before your move.

Link to the Canada Post portal –

Notify your subscriptions and utility providers regarding change of address
There is a chance that your payments for purchases might get rejected if your address has changed, so it is recommended that you keep it in sync with your current address. Sometimes, the credit card companies allow payments to go through but it can sting if your mobile payment doesn’t go through and now you are out of network.

Hopefully this will make your move a lot more easier! 🙂

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